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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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You vexen is a despicable human being. You have absolutely NO idea of what you are talking about. Christianity is not immoral, fine the seven deadly sins does not say sexual immorality, it says lust, but is you actually read the bible, you would see that sexual immorality is written there. you cannot say that something that happened in the bible was false, were you there, no you were not, so you have ABSOLUTELY no right to say anything like that, and i am disgraced to read the blasphemy that you wrote. By the way, christians do not hate Jews because Jesus says "Lord forgive them, for they no not what they do." Now christians take that very seriously, and if Jesus can forgive the Jews, than we definately can. Also you said that there is no other religion that hates the Jews, have you heard of the war in Isreal, the muslims and the jews? you are disgusting


That's all you dispense! Where in the world do you get your information from???? It's all false and incorrect! Well, it's from Satan, I know that. Satan makes it his job to confuse and deceive people away from Jesus/God. He's done a good job through you and your website.

So you're here to spread /godly/ information, then, are you?

So, where is it?

Or is vitriol and empty criticism now of God?

You're a hypocrite if you don't now provide corrective information, a Satanic Christian!


wat r u talking bout?


I am appalled at the lack of fact based truths within your article. The Name of our creator Jehovah was known early after Noah, and is testified throughout the scriptures of his word the Bible. The Israelites used his name, in all their biblical history. Only the man made laws of using his name by the Sadducees, and the Pharisees led to it's none use. The Bible is Jehovah's word, his name is taken from the YHWH tetragrammeton of the origonal Jewish language. His purpose and his promises are clearly defined within his word (Bible). Shortly his Kingdom now established in the heavens will come to Earth, and ALL WILL KNOW AND WORSHIP JEHOVAH !!!!


why don't people just have 2-3 religions. the first reigions

So we can all be polytheists or sun-worshippers!

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