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Morals... blah blah blah

I'll do my best to give my opninion to your numbered arguments. Notice I say opinion because I have no facts to back up my thoughts which I get from the bible.

1. you say "absolute morals are impossible." I am not sure what you mean by absolute morals but if you mean perfection then I agree. Most christians aren't good so they can get into heaven, being good does not get oneself into heaven anyways, the bible makes that very clear. God has laws and we do our best (most of the time) to obey them.

2. To your section on christian morals. You make an assumtion that parts of the bible are untrue, that is an opinion. The bible does not say that slavery is good or to hate jews. Where do you get that from?

3. Can morals exist without God. I don't think that God needs to exist for morals to exist either. Everyone can make up his or her own morals and decide for themselves what is right and wrong, that would be great. (Sarcasm implied) God does need to exist for a non subjective absolute truth to exist though.

4. GOd has no free will. Where did you get that from? who is in charge of God to tell him what he can and cannot do? God is the law, whatever he does is right because with him there is no right or wrong because he is above the law. Who will judge GOd? He has laws for us that serve our benefit. Are any one of the commandments or the teachings of christ bad for a person? Even an atheist would agree that all of them should be obeyed except for the first commandment.

5. God is Love is a inhumane statement. Well to your atheist love came about through natural processes so is just chemical reactions in the brain and therefore really has no value. Love obviously evovled over time and the more "loving" specimen survived. This would say that love has no value since it is just inherited and not chosen its like being short has true "value" to an atheist. It is a hypocritical statement you make and I don't understand how you came up with it.

6. WE are judged by our moral choices, not by our religion. Who is judging us, who has the right to decide what is right and wrong? Society? No that would be subjective for them to decide truth for the people. You imply a God...............

7. If dead infants go to heaven should theist parents selflessly sacrifice themselves to hell by killing their children? I have heard this one before. It would destroy the purpose of why we exist if were true. It is not our place to take innocent lives. Its not about numbers to God, he does not need so many people to go to heaven. It is a relationship he wants and for us to choose.

In conclusion, I believe that there exists absolute truth and that it is given to us in the bible. God created the law and he has put it in place for our own benefit. THats it, its late, Im tired. What are your thoughts?

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