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"Absolute morals" is a misleading idea

“there is no good without God. Can you define for me what is good? But isnt good relative without God? Dont people see things differently in different cultures? Some cultures believe that it is a valuable trait to fight for ones country, while others (Like the quakers) feel it is absolutely wrong to fight at all, for any reason. So you see, it is impossible to be good if there is no guideline for "good". Good is variable without God so therefore so are morals. We NEED God for morality.”

It is only through the concept of life that the concept of value has any meaning. We can safely presume that the nonliving do not value. Therefore ALL value lies within the purview of the living. This is why life has inherent value; (there is no value without life). Life is the “well-spring” of values. “Value” is that which is valuable to the living, i.e. to you, and there can be no morals without values.

“Good” is that which aids us and helps us live a full productive and healthy life, (within discernable intellectual context and scope), and “evil” is the opposite.

Each culture interprets what particular values it keeps and religion is just another way of establishing what values are considered ‘good’, but this is not a “get out of reality free” card. Worshiping something that may wish to destroy you or considers you expendable is illogical, whether that object of worship is a ‘god’ or a society.

Following ‘godly’ dictates is not practicing morality. Morality necessitates moral choice and moral choice necessitates YOU choosing between good and evil. A ‘god’ that tells you to not think for yourself and just do what it told you to do is not an action of morality, nor is it a moral standard. A trained rat can follow the rules. A trained rat is not a moral creature. If for you to even consider whether ‘god’s’ dictate is moral or not is to question ‘god’s’ moral authority and is a “sin” (within Judeo/Christian context).

Morality is only possible without a dictatorial ‘god’ telling you what to do.

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