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This is for random entries and comments about my websites as a whole. Don't worry about not having a LiveJournal account, just post anonymous comments, this is just a guestbook entry.

The world around me

I found all of this extremely interesting Vexen. I always get a laugh when ever I hear brainwashed Jesus lovers babble about this and that. They all seem to know this God guy personally. Man it is so simple! the universe exists we are just another organism that evolved. The problem with us is we understand our own mortality. This creates fear of death, thus we need to understand. “It can't be the end I am way to smart to die...”along comes God and POW! we live forever. The human race with all it’s great advances is the most arrogant and stupid organism on this planet. What makes us better than any other virus that attacks a host until the host is dead. We are overpopulating this planet, polluting this planet, removing the lungs from our planet. How are we different?
we need another plague to bring this planet back from the brink. Not more God crap I read this somewhere when I was younger and it always stuck with me although it started making more sense lately. “The earth, a peaceful place from space, but looking closer we see the human race”. This planet would have done so much better had Neanderthal man won out. It would still be green and healthy, with no wheels or god around. Todd’s Rant!

Re: The world around me

Yes, but then you couldn't post comments on the internet, on your computer, with your electricity. :D

We are the most arrogant organism on the planet, without a doubt... but the stupidest??? Don't think so. I believe you're being just a bit extreme. I'm totally agreed that we're overpopulated, but... I mean, let's find a way to deal with it that doesn't involve extinction, yeah?

I also agree 100% with you about religion BUT... in my experience, people are happier and friendlier believing in the afterlife (I don't, but wow do I hope I'm wrong). You can't count extremists, either! I think it's something that, with NORMAL people, is a way of coping that is better than going out and doping up.

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hi, vexen, I ran into your website through wiki. It's amazing that you are also a beyond's fan. I never thought a foreigner like beyond, and I also like metallica. you really write a lot of articles posting on you website. I've been reading for more than one hour, my bad computer screen make my eyes sore. so I'll finish the reading in this week.

I live in shanghai, have you ever heard about the city? what can I say? From your article, you look like extreme. Until now, I can't understand why you hold a opinion of misanthropy. I don't know whether you understand chinese, there's no any misanthropy-thought in beyond's lyric. Compared to majority people in china, I think may be I should belong to the group of extremist, but you look more extreme than me?

I have all the beyond's song. I think you just hear part of their songs. if you like, I would like to send you their MP3, include some of their concerts. Anyway, It's fun to communicate with a beyond's western fan.

My english is poor, hope it doesn't affect you understanding.

you can call me uncou, hope to hear you soon. my e-mail is :

I've only read so far, i'm still amazed. Finally someone who 'gets it'. Want a good example of your points here? Just look at the previous entries of this journal which is from a year or two ago where I was an emotional wreck who just couldn't use rational thought. I'll be reading more of your work and i'll comment again.


i want sex



HI~ My name is Terri, I am a Beyond fanz from Hong Kong!! I dunno that do u know Beyond have already dismissed after 1/2 the lastest Beyond Concert that held in Hong Kong Coliseum?? In fact, maybe you've known that already!! We feel so pity and so sad... This Concert brought me back to 12 years ago, the day of Ka Kui's death... I've cry for a so long time after he dead. And now, this moment i really also wanna cry out... This few days after the Concert, I've cried for a many times... Cos Ka Kui, cos those words that Beyond said in the Concert... Make me MISS Ka Kui more and more... Especially, when I listened their songs particularly their old songs.

If you feel interested in talk to me more then maybe you can send me email : OR msn : dragon_tart_19@hotmail OR icq : #37495529

The time now in HK is 03:16 9 Feb 2005. So I gotta sleep now. Hope can talk to you next time. See you for now!!

Terri from HK


It is a shame... sorry for not replying earlier. I am not online much, I'm moving house.

I didn't know they had tried another concert. It is sad what happened.

Thanks for the feelings and news!

Just passing through

I was reading all the information on your website and thought it was very interesting. I am a Christian, but I don't want to be naive to what goes on around me and that is why I landed upon your site. You are probably cursing me out by now, but I just wanted to let you know that I have read your website, respect your opinion, and I am going to pray continually for your salvation.

Re: Just passing through

You are someone honestly searching for knowledge, I will never curse that even if you arrive at different conclusions to me. Have a nice life... but don't spend too much time praying for me!

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You rock

Mr. Vexen I am a 16 year old American and I think that you are one of the best writters I've ever had the priveledge to find on the internet. I enjoy your essays and most of them make sense. I like how you tell everything as it is and don't care about others opinions. Your views on the process of death seems highly realistic. I almost felt i was dying as i read it. Keep up the good work.

Luciferianism and the "church of Lucifer"

Hey Vexen and co: Just curiuos what your thoughts are on Luciferianism and the "Church of Lucifer"?

Bill Baker

Victorious New World Order

This is an excellent site, Vexen! Where can I find a larger version of that British Satanic flag? You may view my website for the Victorious New World Order at

I would be honored if you included it as one of your links.


H.B.H. ~ Xion 666

Re: Victorious New World Order

I made the graphic and have higher resolution copies... what do you want it for?


I dont understand Satanism. What is it that you are hoping to achieve through it and its practices?. Dont you know that evil doesnt share power. All negativities, such as murder, come from evil. So basically by accepting it you are embracing those negativities. I dont know about you, but i wouldnt want to.

Firstly: The Old Testament God done quite a lot of killing... in the name of good. AND the same Godl, for example, murdered many innocent children, pregnant women, etc, in the aftermath of the Tsunami. I don't know if evil NEEDS to share power when "god" is such an expert in the matter.

Secondly: I'm not a Christian, and there isn't a universal "battle" between good and evil.

Satanism is about REALITY, and in reality, there is murder, death, pain and suffering. I accept that these exist, and that they are part of the natural world. It does not mean I condone them.

Sort out what you think your God is, and accept that if YOU would have me accept God, you would also have me accept a murderous, evil, corrupt and malicious being.

God is evil:

Theodicy (The Problem of Evil)

The basics of Satanism:

It's To Bad

It's to bad that you are so lost in the ways you are thinking Vexon. You think you have it all figured out, but when you die the gates of Hell are gonna bust open and pull you straight into an eternal of torture, burning, you are going to be all alone crying out for God to save you because now you believe. But you will never be saved. God gave us a "free will" to choose life or death, to choose Him or the world, and right now you are choosing the world. Again, I will keep praying for your salvation. I will pray that the walls will be broken. Just know that you are in my prayers. Someone out there is praying for YOU!

There are quite a lot of Christian magicians praying for some magical solution to my life... unfortunately, the Christian God is either ignoring all of you, or is actively opposing you!

When you pray, do you really hope to change the mind of God?? God, I think you believe, is all-knowing. It knows everything, always has and always will. It knows everything that I need. Why do you think that praying, telling God to save me, is going to change anything?

If it is right for God to save me, it will save me. Because God does what is right; hence the term "benevolent". If it is not right for God to save me, then it won't, because God won't do things that it is not right to do.

So... by praying... do you mean to go against God's will? To try and change what it is right for God to do?

Think about your motives and the contradiction here... if God doesn't want me to think that it exists, then nothing you can do about it will change it!

Jesus said "Get thee behind me, Satan!" to an apostle who thought he knew better than God's plan... by trying to sway God's mind through prayer, YOU are behaving in the same way as that apostle! No matter how good your intentions are, your own master in chief, Mr Christ, would call you Satanic for it! Think about what it means to pray, hope or wish for things, you might find you're not doing what your God wants you to be doing!

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Hi Vexen, just curious: did your parents call you Vexen, or is it a name you adopted? And if the latter, what the heck does it mean?

Apparently it's an old English name, my parents don't really know what it means either!




*smiles* I still love Beyond, but I don't keep up to date anymore.

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(Deleted comment)

A lot of prayers

It's me again. You know the one that quoted John 3:16 at you. I haven't been back in awhile and today just wanted to see what was up. It seems you have a lot of people who are praying for you. That's great to see. I still am praying for you, and just as soon as you lay things lies down you will be able to have eternal life. It is so exciting and I wish you had the same excitement. Instead of wasting all your energy on something that is just going to end up slapping you in the face why don't you just give it a try. God loves you a lot. He knows your needs and it hurts Him to see you denying His love. Think about it!

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your essays and such are amazing. I haven't gone through your entire site yet, but I have read the stuff on God and free will, good not existing without evil and God being evil... I agree strongly. The misanthropic page... it was as if you were speaking words from my head.

oh, and may I use your quote,

"A god could not have created a more vicious
cycle if it tried: Tying the very existence
of life with the necessary killing of other
life is the work of an evil genius, not of an
all-powerful and all-loving god..."

what a shame

I happen to be a "Jesus Freak," and quite frankly I agree with some of the comments that you aren't going to appreciate what you said when you are going through the gates of hell. You may not be afraid now, but the time will come. Just a little bit of advice from ur Jesus freak friend.

general opinion

Vexen, it may not be of any interest to you, but my impression of your personal exploration and willingness to create a forum of discussion is commendable. I feel an affinity with your same drive to explore and question and foster "intelligent" discussion. We have arrived at different conclusions, but seem to have used many similar methods of inquiry. I commend your willingness to identify your conclusions in such an honest and vulnerable manner. With perhaps the same vigor you have studied and lived your path through the filter of Satanic views, I have done so through a branch of Buddhism few have heard about. Many of your criticisms of Buddhism in general, I found to be interesting/a few opinions were constructive and intelligent(ie, Ken Jones). I would also add that some views expressed were (un-apologetically) biased and overly simplistic: in my opinion giving rise to mere opinion than perhaps than genuine understanding. Knowledge does not equate with wisdom, and I also understand that you never claimed any Buddhist wisdom and were simply stating opinion based on what facts you have gathered and filtered through your cultural perspective. I truly enjoyed seeing how a smart/curious/brave Satanist views Buddhism. I was challenged to look at the way I viewed your views through my Buddhist filters. Disagreements and agreements aside, I found your websites to be provocative and they expose (in my opinion) a really great philosophical undertaking. I have found that keeping my views open and flexible to changes/understandings has been key to personal insights...I wish you the same and continued progress on your own path.I am curious to know what/if any challenges you see with Satanic perspective...I have many constructive criticisms about my own belief culture (Buddhism) and consider it a way to truly interact and live my beliefs. What specific challenges lay in the culture of Satanic belief/religion/psychology according to a satanist who has impressed me thus far with an unprecedented willingness to invite unsettled questioning. Sincerely.

Re: general opinion

Thank you for your comments.

With regards to my own criticism of Satanism, find it here:

And also, note a new "Worship of Truth" page:

Reactionary, rather than progressive

Dear Vexen,

I found your website very interesting, and I must admit that I now realise that Satanism is not what I initially thought it was. I thank you for that.

As a practicing Muslim, I do not agree with your views, but have noticed that you are an intelligent deeply thoughtful person. I must point out two things. Firstly, your views on Islam (which you are entitled to) are not altogether accurate. Some of the things you stated about Islam are not true, and actually in Islam, each individual is highly valued by the Creator.

Secondly, your own beliefs/practices seem to have a major element of negativity towards Islam and Christianity. Surely, if Satanism is about the individual, it would not oppose the individual's wish to serve what people (I) believe to be our Creator's wishes. All of the world's major religions (including Islam), on some level or another, reject ALL other religions, and in this respect Satanism (if it can be called a religion) is the same. However, unless I am mistaken, only Satanism appears to make, the discrediting of other religions, its chief business. Satanists use symbols and icons whose sole purpose is to shock and perhaps provoke believers of other religions. It seems strange that Satanists use symbols (e.g. Satan) that would actually indirectly support the existence of a Creator rather than oppose it (confusing). This all seems inconsistent to me. I would say that Satanism ideals are reactionary, rather than progressive. It seems that Satanism can only exist as an opposition to Islam/Christianity, and could not exist on its own. What do you think?

Best wishes (honestly) Yeasmin

Re: Reactionary, rather than progressive

I Think that Satanism would do just fine on its own,if there was no other religion to discredit (that worshops any sort of deity)it would simply be called Humanism for that is what it really is.

Gix Hood

Well well pretty intersting thoughts. The only thing missing is about us gixians. Yes we the followers of the machine god Gix who will one day enthrine us to the holy haven phexeria. We who read out of the Gixian Chron and mutter names such as Shaku the ned bringer, and ramble about things Rasjputin did in russia as a goodthing. It's us gixians that outnumber satintist's 3 to 1. It's us to belive machine hood will only come form are own self mutliatiobn and the end of man and it's pathtic golden path. It's us who bleive that all things things are good and that Satans real name is yowgothmouth. Of course when thats gone it will only be us and the furries. ( SIgh) of course we plan there good ridence too. SO look us up were spreadin.

Re: Gix Hood

i have tryed and tryed to find out what the gixians are but maybe im not trying hard enough, but it seems that everytime i mention it to someone or even google it they bring up phyrexrian or the magic the gathering trading cards, so are you waiting for your cards to come to life, like a more complex pokeymon or yogioh.


am deeply interested in becomming a satanist and becoming involved in satanism, but need help. i am lost and dont know what to do, can you or someone help me get on my feet, and i will move on from there? thank you. rackmm€ anything will help, thanks.

Re: help

I don't know if you have done this, but the first step i would say would be to buy The Satanic Bible. Although it might be hard to find down your local street - very strange, don't see why not (thats sarcamism by the way in case you're american) - but you can get one easily off the internet. Either or most even better Hope I've heelped. Enjoy yourself!

Jonathan Oliver Anthony Lintott

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I think your sources about islam are not precise, ... maybe single sided. many of what you claim that "Muslims believe ... " I find very peculiar and certifiable incorrect, ... (e.g. that satan controls earth?!). Maybe you should re-check other neutral sources, ... some neutral historians, some islamic sources maybe, to know what muslims really do believe in. Thanks.

form vs function?

interesting article on "obnoxious regimes" however i had to cut and paste it into Word because your page is shockingly unreadable. Maybe you designed it on some grandiose new LCD monitor with perfect colour and contrast, but my plebian CRT makes it look like, well, like a total piece of amature bullsh*t. note to all web designers--white Courier font on black background is a BAD IDEA. if i wasn't so interested in the article, i would have departed at once from your page. as it is, you seem clever enough to handle a bit of constructive criticism. So here it is: if you really really really 'need' to have white text on a black background, how about a nice 10 or even 12 point sans-serif like Arial. then look at it on the worst monitor you can find. best of luck...

Re: form vs function?

I don't have many resources to test on different monitors, I live amongst luddites in a foriegn country (my monitor is pretty old though, I'm replacing this week with a CFT!), I only really can test different resolutions with ease. But I don't fix absolute font sizes, I use the default font size of your browser as the relative mid-point, so increase or reduce font size on your browser if you're finding white on black difficult.

Actually here is my font line from usa.css:

body.USA,td,th{font-family:times new roman;font-size:medium}

I'll play with a sans serif font and see what happens.

thought this might amuse you

religious war: an argument about who has the better imaginary friend

wish i could remember where i saw that one...

io pan

Hey Vexen,
Honestly, at first I couldn't believe I wasa even going to write a comment considering my background and all. (Raised Catholic, Catholic school and all) But I realized some things through checking out your website. I like one of the guests initally checked out your site because I didn't want to be ignorant to the beliefs around me Even though I'm a Christian. I do however, disagree with that guest because of some things that were said. On a base level we all have opinions and ideas that we feel the need to express- I suppose that is natural, It is possible that by me sharing my opinion now, i will piss off the christian who so many times wrote how they would be praying for you. I personally believe in God and with that I understand that we were all given free will. Therefore it will do none of us any good to beat eachother over the head with whose "religion" is better. I think you showed great understanding and respect for human beings by how you responded intially to that guest. I only thought it fair for myself to explore all the religions I could so that I could make a truly informed decision as to what I feel I believe. I thank you for allowing me to see what Satanist view so I could no longer be misled into thinking some made up crap that I've seen in movies. To be honest, I wish, especially concerning your views on sex and relationships, that more so-called men believed what you do since it would save me a huge damn headache! lol. I just wanted you to know that I will be coming back to your site often to see what is going on in your world- not to criticize or haggle you because I'm Christian. If people had even an ounce of respect for others that you seem to demonstrate then maybe the world would be better. I'm not even gonna get into quoting the bible and all that because I feel that if you felt like reading quotes from it, you could pick one up. I'm not gonna belabor you with that as others have chosen to. I was actually curious to hear your satnce on abortion. I'm "weird" about it because whenevr I'm asked my stance I say I'm pro choice yet don't truly believe in abortion. I say I'm pro-choice because I believe that having been given free will a person can and will choose to do what they want including abort a fetus. Personally I could never go through with such a thing because I would feel as though I was impuding on another human's rights if I killed them. I am pro-choice because my choice is not to do it. Anyway, just wanted to know what your thoughts and Satanists thoughts were on the matter. By the way, you've started quite a debate between me and my fiance which is actually a good thing. It reminds me how smart he is! lol And to think there would be some of my own kind (Christians) who would tell me that nothing good could come out of listening to a Satanist. Go figure!
Wishing you peace, love and all that good stuff,

Re: Hey Vexen

well i consider myself to be a Satanist so i will voice my opinon on abortion, so heres the uncomfortable third side. I would say that i am completely for abortion at the moment, just for the simple reason that our planet is pleaged with just to many human defects, over population will play a crucial role in my opinon. Human numbers are now increassing more rapidly than at any time in history of the species. It took 16 centuries for the population to double between the Birth of Christ and the death of Queen Elizabeth and the population only grows faster after that. In the bad old days any child with a slight defect would rarely survive, but thanks to the social conscious not only do they survive but they reproduce and thus make more little defects and so on and so forth, the cycle neverends. I belive in "Survival of the Fittist." The strong shall prevail.

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Words out of my mouth


I've had a load of thoughts in my head for a long time, things that I've picked up from living in the world. I've never really met many other people who have come to the same conclusions as me, and have only debated the ideas with people who disagree. I decide to get these ideas straight in my head so prepare to write a little book. During some online research I come across your web site and shock, someone else seems to have come to many of the same conclusions as I have, totally independently. Many of the sections you have on your website are titles of chapters in my book, even down to 'the Media', even down to disclaimers about the use of English to describe ideas. Infect almost every section you have on your website is covered in my book. Its really quite amazing seeing as I have only really deduced my ideas from what i have seen around me. I would not consider myself a Satanist, my work is more to do with the futility of existence and general eradication of all religious foundations. I am very pro-life and definitely up for having a good time, I certainly don't want to hurt other people in the progress.

I notice you wrote the majority of these articles about 6 years ago. Your own thoughts have presumably moved on since then, have you decided to ignore/get over your past beliefs? Or have you developed on them?

Anyway very interesting reading, even though in my case you are preaching to the converted!



I just have to ask, why do you write these articles? If people feel close to God, they won't agree with you, while people who are already atheists will agree entirely. I don't see why you'd work so hard on this just for people to read it, it sounds like you're trying to prove that God isn't real. But that sort of contradicts your view on free will, doesn't it?

I am a determinist and don't believe in free will whether or not God exists. If God exists, there is no free will. If God doesn't exist, there is still no free will. It's a fairytale concept, something that makes people feel good, and something we think we experience, but there isn't really anything called "free will". -> There is no free will, cause-and-affect determine what actions we chose. We only become aware of our choices, we don't "make" choices, just observe our brains making them for us, beyond our control like consciousness itself. -> List of pages on free will. Including:
* God has no free will.
* If God exists, free will is impossible.
* The Christian Bible argues that free will is irrelevant.

My reasons for debating is that I enjoy the challenge and find it a most beautiful and compelling way of finding out what is true. When people successfully challenge my views, I change my website. So, try your worst!

(But note that I like to keep discussions relevant - so if you want to debate free will, don't do it here but do it on the Free Will pages linked above!)

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