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This is for random entries and comments about my websites as a whole. Don't worry about not having a LiveJournal account, just post anonymous comments, this is just a guestbook entry.

Western Buddhists into a faddish naivete

I find your criticism of Buddhism quite balanced, and instructive. Will you please do a study of Western Buddhists: what kinds go for Buddhism, how they get to it, and most important, how they try to make the Buddhist shoe fit their foot, unlike the Buddhists of traditional Buddhist lands in the Far East who are exerting efforts to make their foot fit the Buddhist shoe. I am of the strong view that Western Buddhists are into Buddhism owing to faddish naivete; meaning, they are either really naive or they choose to be naive for the sake of the fad of Buddhism. It is about time some real good social observer of the religious scene in the West do a critical assessment of Western Buddhists, and give ordinary people like myself the why's they go for Buddhism: the who, what, why, where, when, and how. Don't neglect to tell us from your examination how long they remain in their discovered faith of Buddhism. If you prefer, you can go into the angle of how really sincere they are in their Buddhism; meaning, are they willing to live their Buddhism with all the rigor of celibacy or at least sexual fidelity to their conventional sex partner, read that as in wife or husband, and other life restrictive observances like adopting a very spiritual and righteous life according to the Eightfold Noble Path, each of which eight starts with the descriptive label of 'right,' as in right thought, right action, right speech, etc. Thanks for your accommodation if you do undertake this task, all for the instruction of people like myself. One last thing, if you don't mind, did you also go for Buddhism for some period of time and were seriously committed; until you left because you came to another kind of enlightenment on which you realized that there was no sense in being a Buddhist, because you could get along in life and after life if that be a relevant consideration, without Buddhism. Yes, I am biased against Buddhism. Why? because I can't bear with those Western Buddhists who go about with such a smug posture that they are into something more spiritual and more authentic (whatever that means) than Christians, Jews, and Muslims, or people without any religion. Finally, my last request, please make a list of fallacious thoughts and gratuitous preachments, for example about the no-self (I really abhor them when they go into talking about the no-self because nothing permanent, etc, everything composite. etc.) gerry

Re: Western Buddhists into a faddish naivete

I wrote the comment above signed as gerry, I am gerry, and I am still waiting for Vexen to answer my query.

I will send an email to him to ask him to do a study of whether and why opinion makers who are into critical thinking, scientific skepticism, and science are not examining the phenomenon of Westerners taking up with Buddhism.

I think that is a very useful study for the enrichment of our knowledge of religious behavior in the species called man.

My email address:

Your website

A great, great site this is. I'll be coming back.


Vexen, Wow! I took this afternoon to re-read and to read more on your site, -almost- everything in the smal details. And here is my conclusion. You really are a great person who thinks about the things that other people just 'take' or forget. And I know what I am saying, at least, for a 13 year old. I know that there are more people who think like this but I cant understand why I don't know someone. that is my new opinion. Poison_gif.

On Elitism


I have visited your site several times since discovering it about 6 months ago. I agree with you on many topics. Particularly on religion (the bane of human development). However there is one topic that although I don't disagree with I do see it differently. Which is elitism. I think that evolution should favor superior organisms. We need some degree of elitism. However pure elitism is a dangerous thing. I will try and be reasonably brief which I often fail to do.

The problem with elitism lies in the problem with social classes. The rich are more privileged. The rich go to better schools, have access to greater resources, and are usually introduced to music at an earlier age (in which the benefits are, at this point a truism). They don't have to take risks, such as big investments (relative to their marginal propensity to consume). They have more leisure time (since they don't have to work 40+ hours a week), which grants them the privilege to intellectualize or philosophize.

The poor has none of this. It is near impossible for the poor to overcome and ascend to the elite. While it is very easy for the rich to due so. Not because they have any less ability, but because they are simply not as privileged.

Yes people do it. Yes there are very intelligent lower class people. But the odds are greatly stacked against them. Even more so when they have to spend so much time toward surviving. When you are working two full time jobs 80+ hours a week just to pay the bills, then nothing besides surviving matters. This may seem rare but is very common in major cities with a high cost of living. Such as New York, Japan, or Boston.

The idea of the poor becoming rich, is a statement in ignorance. For every success story there is 10, 50, maybe even 100 failure stories. Maybe even more. The risk factor is enormous. An investment of 10% of a poor person income is a huge deal, with high risks, and has minimum returns. While 10% of a wealthy person income is not a big deal, has maximum results with low risk factor (they can afford top bankers and advice, the rich also benefit from infinite more government subsides then the poor). I know elitism doesn't mean being rich. But it does help.

Many counties adopt this class system. The idea is to have a system that highly benefits a small percent of the population at the cost of the larger percent of the population. This is tolerated by the illusion that "some" of the lower and middle class people can overcome their surroundings and ascend to this elite 1%. Rather then try and improve the middle and lower classes. It is a lottery mentality. Religion also plays a huge role in sedating the masses, but that is a different topic.

Don't get me wrong. Nietzsche is by far my favorite philosopher. I think that people should rise above humanity and become the overman (at least as far as my interpretation of what Nietzsche meant when he said this). Elitism is a good thing. But only when the starting point is even. That is why I believe in a balance of egalitarianism and elitism. Egalitarianism as far as providing every human born into this world the same benefits and privileges as every one else. Elitism as far as after the playing field is leveled, there are no more excuses and Darwinism takes over. This mostly concerns the redistribution of wealth. Since most of the privileges I am talking about come from here.

Also keep in mind that Elitism flows both way. There is always some ones smarter and better in every sense of the word then you or I. Even so far as to make you or I seem insignificant.


Yeah, you have the answers, internet guy... you're gonna be the MESSIAH!

Pastor Joel Moen

Trust In The Lord

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).

I’ve often wondered why some Christians love to carry long faces when they face challenging situations. When you trust in the Lord, it wouldn’t matter to you how terrible the situation is, you’ll never have any moment of despondency or helplessness. You wouldn’t have to carry a long face.
You don’t have to lose sleep over any problem. Look at your life in retrospect and meditate on all the things the Lord has done in your life these past years. If He was faithful then, He sure is faithful now. So, cheer up; Jesus has overcome the world for you. He has made you a victor. Even if you were unfairly treated, don’t seek to revenge; rather, choose to love. Love, the Bible says, conquers the multitude of sins; it is the bond of perfection. Trust God to supply you bigger and better things than what men have taken away from you.
The reason some people are frustrated, depressed and fearful is that they don’t really trust God. Now, trusting God doesn’t mean you should pretend that you’re happy. No! God is more than enough. He told Abraham, “I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward” (Genesis 15:1). He’s saying the same thing to you today. Therefore, believe His Word; believe what He says about you is true. God’s promises stand sure; He’s not a man that He should lie.
It’s a brand new day, make the best of it. Those who live in the past never wake up to the promises and prospects of today. Forget the past and set your gaze on the loving-kindness of our heavenly Father. Therefore, put on a happy, cheerful spirit and start walking in your dreams today!

My heart is filled with joy and praise because I am an overcomer; I am a victor, more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. I declare that my day is blessed. I am walking in the blessings of God today, I experience divine favour today and I accomplish great things today by the anointing of God’s Holy Spirit at work in me. Hallelujah!

Service Times:
Sunday 1st Service: 9am – 11am
2nd Service: 11am – 1pm
Wednesday: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Better for you guys to open those 2 websites. BETTER!

Like the People are S..tupid Page

Hi... I'd like to express appreciation for your page... I was in a grump and read it and had to both laugh and agree. Self-pity stinks! Maybe I can stop now. In case I can't, I favorited the page. :)

The Light of the World

Jesus Christ....God himself in human form...the friend of sinners - yes even you!


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You oppose organized religion, but belong to one
You don't believe in God, but espouse an organization that does.
Your philisophical arguments are rambling and unfocused and downright laughable.
Again, you don't believe in God but say if it does exist, Its evil, then you become a member of a organized religion that does. Stephen Hawking does't believe in God but came to his conclusion with more brainpower than you or I can comprehend. But if you saw someone like him without knowing them would you think of them as one of the less fortunate genetic misprints that shouldn't be breeding, since you are an elitist and fit (you mentioned that twice in your bio by the way). Your grades and position in life suggest someone who is a little less than hardworking. This could also correspond to you being an internet philosopher rather than an actual published one. There is one huge problem in running into folk like yourself. Your so much less intelligent than you think you are. Which is why an agnostic like me eschews your feeble attempts at philosophy and intellectualism. Dude

Re: Dude

Are you implying that agnostics are smarter then atheists? Who's the elitist now?

How can some one be agnostic any way. If you are saying that a god could exist, then that is saying nothing at all. Werewolves could exist. You don't need to even mention it, let along have a name for it.

Being an atheist means you don't "believe" a God exists. It's saying, "a God probably does not exist". Based primarily on the lack of evidence. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The only thing extraordinary is the total lack of evidence for a case for God.

Your inane attempt to point out hypocrisy, achieved nothing but confirm you, yourself are a hypocrite...."Dude"


I just googled the word 'misanthropy' because I was dying to see if anyone else out there hates the world as much as I do, and I was shocked at how few results I actually turned up on that query.

However, I found you and your site, and I must say that it is refreshing to encounter (albeit a one sided encounter via words on a screen) someone like you.

You are in a completely different country, and I can see that humans over there must be quite vexing, just as they are here.
So I guess that the problem actually isn't me- people are rude assholes simply by inclination and genetics, rather then by cause and effect initiated by me.

well, I am certainly happier for having read your site, and I want to thank you VERY much.

BTW, you are extremely handsome, and I think that you ought to write a book on your philosophies and beliefs- your image on the jacket alone would sell the book!!!
(Why aren't there any gorgeous men like you over here in Canada?!!!)

Okay, although you may not want to read this, I wrote it several years ago when I was in a youth facility, and I have carried it in my head for years, and believe that you will relate, as it reminds me of some of your writing.


Through the glass darkly, I'll tell you what I see:
a world of empty, devoid of me.
People trudging to death, their faces blanker than tombs,
oblivious to my agony and dark clouds of gloom.

They grew me in a garden, encircled by weeds,
get pricked by my thorns and scream when they bleed.
So who, I ask you, sowed the seed?
Ah, you KNOW it wasn't me......................................

Kay, I don't even know you, but I think you are amazing.
Too bad I am not the greatest with computers, and only have a HTML site, or I would wait with baited breath to hear from you.
Even so, fate allowing, we may meet somehow, (it being a small world and all) so until then:

Luv ya madly,
Micki Lynne ( Just in case, my address is ........................

Amazing essay on Godless ethics!

I truly enjoyed reading your thoughts on having morals without being religious. I do not consider myself an atheist, more of a notheist (I abhor organized religion!), but I very much agree with every word you said. It does NOT require any belief in a Superior Being to be a good person. Protecting the innocent (the weak) is in our genes. It's the preservation of the species at its best!
God, if s/he exists is not that egotistical (that IS a human trait after all) to make that a #1 requirement for entrance into Heaven. Seriously! Arrgghh...! Sometimes I am just dumbfounded when I hear people say you can be devil incarnated all your life, but should you regret it on your death bed and truly except xyz as your savior - you got yourself a ticket into Heaven. WHAT?!?!?! And someone else, on the other side of the world, raised to believe in a different God, but truly a good person, doesn't get to go to Heaven because they weren't saved in time.
How can a sane person ever fall for that?!?!
OK... I'm getting all riled up... 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... all cooled off! Pheeew!
Thanks for provoking thoughts... at this point that's the best thing you can do for the humanity! ~ Vedrana (

Hello, Vexen.
I see that my initial posting was removed from your site- I guess because I failed to mention religion, I failed to snag your interest.
Or perhaps because I mentioned how handsome you are, you think that I must be an airhead.
Surprise- I have an VERY above average I.Q, and although I didn't feel it necessary to mention, I have been an avowed Satanist for twelve years.
Of course, what do I care what you think anyway?
You are noone to me.
I am only sorry that I read the postings of some of your critics and felt compelled to jump to your defense and thread a response before I noticed that you didn't even keep my posting.
P.s If I know my religion as I like to think I do, we are all about individuality, and believe that only small minded people copy others- Mr CRABTREE.

Well, this is SATANFIRE (NOT!) signing off.
Enjoy your miserable life.

Hate ya madly,

Comment on part of your site

9. What Would Vexen do if He was God? (Praise the Lord you're not!)

9.1 Put everyone in heaven - (God would put everyone in heaven if only they would accept HIS way and not make up their own ways - MAN has the choice - we are NOT robots)
9.2 Eradicate evil (Evil will be eradicated some day but until then it is up to us how we choose to live - either in darkness of sin or according to the light of God's Word)
9.3 Not Create People Who Will Sin - (God didn't create people to sin - He gave them freedom of choice, unfortunately they choose wrongly!)
9.4 Cancel Religion (Yeah religion is meaningless and man-centred I agree)
9.5 Dispense with the Food Chain: All Beings to be Fed with Manna from Heaven - (You can actually be fed from God's Holy and inspired Word and be Spiritually fed (TODAY, NOW) if only you would turn and see who God is - man always wants to have his own idea of who God is - but God has already declared who He is!)
9.6 So Why Doesn't God Do These Things? (God gave man a conscience and it's up to him to make the right choices! If God intervened in every injustice He'd be on everybody's backs all the time! Man will be judged for the decisions he has made whether right or wrong! The punishment meted out will depend upon who we are in Christ - there is no middle ground - God's way to heaven is through Christ and Him alone - any man not in Christ will not enter into heaven - why? because God has offered this gift freely but man in his blindness has said - I will decide who God is and I will decide how I get to Him - such foolishness, arrogance and presumption! God has told man and if man won't listen nor believe Him then man has to face the consequences of his pride and arrogance!) God is a giving God - He gives life (physical and eternal), He gives the air we breathe (man has even polluted that!), He GAVE His Son to stand in our place and take the punishment we deserve - that's why we come through Christ - He is our Substitute (there's no point putting a tennis player as a Sub on a football team and that's why it's only through Christ we come to God!)

There is one weapon against ungodliness and that's prayer so I am going to pray for you that the light of God's glory will be revealed in your heart and you won't go to an eternity of suffering because of the choice you made in this life! One person going to hell is one person too many and I don't want it to be you (even though I don't know you)! YOU don't have to go there - it's your choice!


I'm novice to your site, but I like it very much! Very nice artwork! Chilly design! I love it! :)

It's refreshing...

Truly refreshing to find such work as your essays. Whatever motivated you to write them, I can't be sure; I am nonetheless glad that you have. You are a man in a world of beasts. Keep up Our Father's work.

Las Vegas, NV, USA

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I was like 'Holy Shit' too.

bestest site, thx

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forcing humanity forwards

hi vex.regarding forcing mankind you think that mankind is good enough tostep up in leaps and bounds.and does that include all races.blacks,red,yellow,white.i do know that moslems are having a bak.the islamic bak is designed to enslave non -moslems.esp.christians.eating of internal being,fetish,masturbation.psychic writings.they think they rule the earth.every moslem has many replicas,heavenly and earthian images,by the bak.they masturbate you in the a ways hard to describe.can you exclude moslem race from the progress plan.sandra nashaat.


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