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This is for random entries and comments about my websites as a whole. Don't worry about not having a LiveJournal account, just post anonymous comments, this is just a guestbook entry.

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Firstly: The Old Testament God done quite a lot of killing... in the name of good. AND the same Godl, for example, murdered many innocent children, pregnant women, etc, in the aftermath of the Tsunami. I don't know if evil NEEDS to share power when "god" is such an expert in the matter.

Secondly: I'm not a Christian, and there isn't a universal "battle" between good and evil.

Satanism is about REALITY, and in reality, there is murder, death, pain and suffering. I accept that these exist, and that they are part of the natural world. It does not mean I condone them.

Sort out what you think your God is, and accept that if YOU would have me accept God, you would also have me accept a murderous, evil, corrupt and malicious being.

God is evil:

Theodicy (The Problem of Evil)

The basics of Satanism:

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