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This is for random entries and comments about my websites as a whole. Don't worry about not having a LiveJournal account, just post anonymous comments, this is just a guestbook entry.

Re: form vs function?


2005-05-09 11:04 am (UTC)

I don't have many resources to test on different monitors, I live amongst luddites in a foriegn country (my monitor is pretty old though, I'm replacing this week with a CFT!), I only really can test different resolutions with ease. But I don't fix absolute font sizes, I use the default font size of your browser as the relative mid-point, so increase or reduce font size on your browser if you're finding white on black difficult.

Actually here is my font line from usa.css:

body.USA,td,th{font-family:times new roman;font-size:medium}

I'll play with a sans serif font and see what happens.


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