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Re: Just passing through

I realize that Vexen can speak for himself, but that is precisely what he is talking about "passing through". Perhaps you should worry of YOUR OWN Salvation because it is the thing in question with YOUR Maker. As a former Christian, I know your Judgmental ploy and the condenscension in the tone of your message (which has nothing to do with love but of preaching in the negative)and you are no better than he is. You wrote what you wrote to benefit points with God and to get the selfish pat on the back and to brag in your Prayer group that you wrote to a Satanist about salvation. You really do not care about him, you really care about your own salvation and which room you will get in the Great Mansion. Remember, you are a sinner too according to the Christian faith. You probably have committed 1002 sins since your last posting and cannot catch up fast enough in confession to them all. If you really wanted to pray for Vexen for his salvation, you wouldn't have needed to write about it on the message board (Jesus said to go in your closet and pray and not out in public for all to see), you would have simply done so with out showing your so call "good works" on line. Oh and remember, according to your religion, Jesus isn't letting EVERYONE in okay. Even those who said that they "Knew him". Food for thought to "passing through". However, I think you should "pass through" the New Testament where Jesus does say that not all will enter the Kingdom of God. Perhaps not even you. As a former Christian, I suggest that you re-read the Gospels on that note!

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