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Re: Just passing through

Not only do you have enough strength, but you cannot spell either! As he said, he doesn't need your prayers and if you are so disgusted with Vexen, then, why are you reading his threads? Why aren't YOU on a Christian thread? It doesn't sound as if you are much of a Christian yourself seeing that you lack strength to pray for Vexen. A real Christian knows that his strength comes from God not from self, and further more Jesus said apart from me you can do nothing. If You were a real Christian, You'd comprehend that. It has nothing to do with YOUR strength. You haven't tried not to do anything except to successfully say that you are disgusted with him. Do you think that GOD will reward YOU for saying the things that YOU are saying. Your post is the EVIL post because you sound like a drunkard and uneducated in YOUR OWN faith. YOU are the one who is naive and IGNORANT. Your job is to accept him as he is and let GOD make the decision for you may be the one to go to hell instead of him. You never know. You are like the Pharisees, you speak of law but not love. You only care for YOUR ideals and not the heart. Jesus never spoke that way to anyone. WHat makes you better than Vexen. What qualifies you into the Kingdom? NOTHING. God makes the ultimate decision for you and if Vexen wants your blessing on the matter, he certainly would not consult with you on the matter.

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