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Spelling English versus American

I am one American who has never and will never spell the word through in what you refer to as American spelling of "thru" as that particular spelling is indeed immature, lazy, and incorrect.

Re: Spelling English versus American

Do you hold the copyright on the English language? All language is in a continual state of flux, which is why, for instance, we are not communicating in Elizabethan English these days or that of Chaucer's day - "Whanne that April with his shoures sote. The droughte of March hath perced to the rote." To say that to write "through" as "thru" is lazy, immature and incorrect is to take exception if God himself had it written on a tablet of stone. So get on your high horse and cite testimonials, such as a dictionary, as to the "correct" spelling in defense of your myopic, exclusive, egotistical snobbery. Rather than have us communicate creatively, you would call us names.

Great site...I am a atheist insofar as I lack belief in supernatural deities. I am not a theist; although some would tell me that my atheism is to say that there is no God, but me thinks that they misunderstand that "a" equals "not" and "theist" equals one who believes in God(s), thus I am one who lacks believe in God(s).

I definitely don't believe in Thor or Loki, or Zoraster, or Venus, or El Shaddai, or ...So, I am an atheist at least in part. The God I hope to know, is a God that I can know and not believe in, but in the meantime, it seems highly unlikely although I haven't ruled it out.

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