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Re: American Girl says WTF?


I haven't looked at that bit of text for six years... I will actually remove that (boring) odd paragraph, nobody learns anything from reading it! Unfortunately though I'm not on my own machine for a month, so I can't edit any websites for a while.

Re: American Girl says WTF?

In a America we do not celebrate the murder of thousands and then have the nerve to call us evil. Those who attack us and those who support them will be destroyed or we will die trying. And if they hate us for it then so be it. God Bless "The Long Twilight Struggle"

We do not take orders that leave us defenseless just because someone cries foul.

An invasion of Japan would have cost millions of lives instead of thousands.

The UN vs US: The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to Vote

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