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Re: Satanism/christianity/buddhism

The foremost evolutionary biologist, Prof. Richard Dawkins (2006) correctly states that seemingly altruistic behaviour is part of all of our genetic make-up; and that holds for both Satanists and non-Satanists. A full discussion of altruism and its causes (by Vexen Crabtree) will explain many of the concepts around the idea of 'altruism'.

Apart from that, you will find that the metaphysics and philosophy of Satanism is closer to Buddhisn than Christianity. The ethics and moral reasoning of Satanism, however, is not the same as either, in this you are correct. But they're not opposites. Satanism emplores its adherents to love, care for, and indulge in the niceties of good relations with other people, all for the sake of having normal mental health, etc, so you're wrong when you say Satanism is an /opposite/ to Christian and Buddhist community values.

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