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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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My new web domain is a collection of pages and texts on society, sociology, subculture, human sexuality, epistemology (how do we know what's true?) and a little philosophy.

It replaces two previous subdomains.

Here are some *new* locations for two popular pages:

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Experience the Ilusion of God

4.That we can stimulate parts of the brain and induce mystical and spiritual experiences in people means that such experiences are explained by the neurological sciences whether or not there is actually a 'spiritual realm'.

How were these experimental experiences produced? Were they chemically induced? If so, how do you explain for people having these experiences just out of the blue, coming upon them randomly.......I have had a few experiences where I felt God was communicating with me which just came upon me suddenly......I wasn't even thinking about God, nor praying or any such time I was reading; another time I was in a restaurant having a meal. The only thing I can say about the experiences is that they appeared not to come from myself, not something that I could have possible does the brain suddenly create these "illusions"? Please respond to me by

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