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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Steak.... yummy! I'm not a vegetarian (and could probably never be one with my weird medical diet), so once in awhile some tender, juicy steak really hits the spot. Filet mignon or chateaubriand. :)

"Sixpack" refers to abdominals. Is that what you're talking about? And, do you do your cardio after your weights?

Ooh, big food words! Where's Sam when I need her???

Yeah, sixpack is abs.

Cardio: I warm up on a bicycle, whilst doing upper-body stretches. Doesn't count as CV, probably. Then weights, then I do (as you ask) do cardio afterwards. Somtimes I return to weights after the cardio, after a water break, but I don't tend to do much 'cos it's nearly always 3am in the morning and I get tired!

I'd be too tired for workouts at 3 a.m.! Found these two (and one might help describe why I say 'cardiorespiratory' vs. cardiovascular, but really it's just the medical terminology training years ago ;)):

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