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Some things you might want to know about zombies...

1. Zombie Films
2. Common Plotlines in Zombie Films
3. The Causes of Zombies : Science and Diseases
4. How to Kill a Zombie

Very nice.


2006-12-03 03:33 am (UTC)

Hail to thee Vexen.

Still working on interesting material I see.

Have'nt been to your site for a long time, but to see you explaining Zombie movies and the existential questions posed in them{which so many people seem to miss, along with the social exposings- such as even in death, people are materialistic and like shopping malls}. as a Zombie movie fan, I applaud ya. Good work.
Thanks for casting such light on the questiosn posed in in the best movies.

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Bill "Iconoclastithon" Baker

Good to hear from you again!

Re: Very nice.


2006-12-04 07:53 pm (UTC)

Thanks, feelings mutual. :)

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Re: Very nice.


2012-04-20 10:42 pm (UTC)

On a serious side of the zombie phenomenon, have you read "The Serpent and the Rainbow" From the Amazon site: ""Zombis do come back from the dead, and Wade Davis knows how." -- "Washington Post Book World"
Product Description
In April 1982, ethnobotanist Wade Davis arrived in Haiti to investigate two documented cases of zombis -- people who had reappeared in Haitian society years after they had been officially declared dead and had been buried. Drawn into a netherworld of rituals and celebrations, Davis penetrated the vodoun mystique deeply enough to place zombification in its proper context within vodoun culture. In the course of his investigation, Davis came to realize that the story of vodoun is the history of Haiti -- from the African origins of its people to the successful Haitian independence movement, down to the present day, where vodoun culture is, in effect, the government of Haiti's countryside.
"The Serpent and the Rainbow" combines anthropological investigation with a remarkable personal adventure to illuminate and finally explain a phenomenon that has long fascinated Americans. "
If you haven't read it, I urge you to do so - a fascinating book.

I've got notes on Wade's approach, I'll put them up at some point! It's not as simple nor as clear-cut as you just said.

When there's no more room in hell, the dead get horny!


2006-12-04 10:07 pm (UTC)

Hey, have you heard of the new Zombie film ,mixing hardcore porn, zombies/gore, and death metal music; "Porn of the dead"? Now that's my kinda Zombie movie,
. Zombie loving, LoL!!!

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28 Series (Days and Weeks)


2011-10-16 08:40 am (UTC)

The 28 series movies are not zombie movie just viral infection movies that send those infected into a fit of rage. Everyone seems to just want to lump them in with the zombie genre because its convenient or just can't realize the difference. I've only seen one series that portray this genre from a scientific point of view and strangely enough it is a anime called "Highschool of the Dead". The dead can not see, smell, or taste anything; They hunt strictly by sound and have an innate ability to sense their own kind to not mistake them for live prey. Damage to the head or fire is the only way to kill them. They do not speak or act like normal humans in any way. That is the more scientific because if the brain is still functioning the sound waves can still be notice by the brain. They can't smell because they can not breathe. They can't see because after 3 hours of death the eyes are useless to see on their own and even if the dead turned before the 3 hour mark they would eventually become useless from lack of lubrication. In all truth these films are not real zombie films anyway. Zombies are actually live humans controlled by a drug that makes them highly vulnerable to suggestion and they move like the movie zombies do when not being command by the one that controls them. It is part of Voodoo from Haiti. Someone way back probably saw these people and made their own interpretation of zombies and were not creative enough to come up with a different name for them. The sad thing is that the majority of the movie going population are gullible enough to believe the zombie stuff that Hollywood feed everyone is what they really are. Well if I ever write a script for this genre I will make sure that it is something that will be believable(like a horror movie that is not filled with stupid characters that do stupid thing constantly and backed up by as much real science as possible), ground breaking, and I will give them a name that truly suits the undead other than zombie.

Re: 28 Series (Days and Weeks)


2011-10-24 08:58 pm (UTC)

I agree completely that the 28-Days Later films are not true zombie films, and I doubt that I have ever said otherwise! Zombies are the risen dead, not merely virus-controlled enraged humans, so, 28-Days Later is not a zombie film.

It gets listed as a zombie film though, however, as the film structure and infection progression is identical to zombie films, as are the survival mechanisms of the living.


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