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I really deeply don't understand how in your 20s, jokes about adolescence, spots, turds and girls can possibly be funny... it is a pretty desperate kind of humour even for children, but how can trash culture be so low, that films like this are popular?.

You've gotta bear in mind that the overall value for "Average Intelligence" is much much lower than the value for "Average Intelligence of Us and People We Know".

And as The Undertones said;
"It's never too late to enjoy dumb entertainment" : )

Tell me about it... well you cheered me up by reminding me that I *chose* to come here amongst the untermensch... waaaa, 'aint I daft. See you next time I'm in London!

I think its important for even the most astute and strong-witted of us to be able to ditch that responsibility now and then and giggle at something dumb. Its a reminder not to take the world too seriously.

I think your "Trash Culture" page could do with some proofreading....

Oh :-( ... my whole domain needs that... I actually need an editor or someone to keep grilling me. I am on nightshift tonight so will be online and uploading updating versions of stuff.

but Kevin & Perry wasn't popular.

I've not seen K&P (nor do I have any desire too) but from what I've seen of Little Britain, a lot of the humour there comes from laughing *at* stupid people, rather than laughing with them. That said, I don't watch the programme regularly, as I just don't find it that funny, but I think that's what it's aiming for. Of course, that doesn't mean that some people miss the point...

OH but darh-ling...we're the intelligentsia! ;p

Once you've read 1984 I guess everything changes pop culture wise...

I hate K&P and I was so disappointed because both Harry Enfield and Cathy Burke are hilarious - even K&P in Harry Enfield and chums was funny - but the film was just awful. I believe I saw it on a National Express Coach or some such...

But then I saw a show the other night about classic comedy and it was all so funny. The 2 Ronnies and Morcombe and Wise, even as recently as French and Saunders - why is it all crap now? (Barring Eddie Izzard and a few others of course)

The decent BBC sitcoms go unnoticed, The Mighty Boosh is brilliant, as was Black Books which I've only just seen because it was hidden late at night on Digital telly. Why does crap like Little Britain get prime slots?

Personally I find bits of Little Britain offensive, laughing at disabled/fat/other denomination of people - and it is laughing _at_ not with - is just daft and cruel. (And has led to people in wheelchairs being shouted at "I want that one" etc.)

And Big Brother puts me in mind of Victorians watching the lunatics in Bedlam for kicks.

And why do people find Ricky Gervais funny? He did a stupid dance...but people dance more stupid than that in Slimelight!! They don't have a TV show!

*Grrr* I'm all angry kitten now!

"Big Brother puts me in mind of Victorians watching the lunatics in Bedlam for kicks."

I love it! May I quote you in my LJ? I will give you credit of course. I mostly just put quotes in my journal, please ignore or enjoy the current series on 'lies'.

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