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Wow... I didn't know that. I am in the 'humans are omnivores and therefore cutting out meat is bad for your health' camp.

I do like the one about vitamin b12 too. It being an animal exclusive vitamin, and that veggies only get enough of it from eating the food that has had animal manure spread on it. Snnrk.

Vitamin B12 is not a problem for vegetarians, who get enough from dairy and eggs. It's only a problem for vegans, and they can get sufficient B12 from supplements, fortified foods (soymilk is often fortified with B12), and Marmite.

Mmm, Marmite.

Personally, I view vegetarianism as an eating-disorder.

I've been given a handy book for christmas in the form of 'The complete guide to Sports Nutrition' by Anita Bean. I'm not a leaf-eater though but I'm hoping this book will help me pick up some of the missing nutrition from my diet.
Additionally the guy (uh, consultant would be a better title) at the gym recommended taking vitamin suppliements saying that unless you eat some amazing diet full of everything your liable to miss certain vitamins/minerals/etc. While not too bad for your average person if you engage in a large amount of physical exercise you need to make sure you get it right.

IIRC, there's evidence to suggest that iron absorption is increased with a higher intake of vitamin C, so the lower iron levels in a vegetarian/vegan diet is offset by the much higher vitamin C contents of those diets.

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