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The Number 12: Disciples, Tribes and the Zodiac

"The Divine Number 12: 12 Gods, 12 Disciples, 12 Tribes and the Zodiac" by Vexen Crabtree (2007)):

The conclusion reads (briefly; many interesting tid-bits are iterated through first!):

When you see the number twelve, watch out. If the number is employed in a practical sense to divide time, measurements, or angles, then the chances are it makes awesome mathematical sense to utilize such a factorable number as the number twelve. But if you see it used in a superstitious, religious, magical, paranormal, holy or weird way, be warned that it is based on ancient sun-worship, star warship, and ridiculous astrology. As a species we have been using it to divide the solar realm into twelve divisions, assuming that each one is ruled by a personification, a god, a divine being, a teacher, a prophet or a son of the sun. Now we understand what stars, planets and stellar objects are, it makes no sense to retain the mystical, nonsensical connotations of the 'holy', 'perfect', 'divine' or 'special' number 12. Such superstitions have made their way into major religions; there are 12 tribes of Israel as founded by the 12 sons of Jacob, the 12 disciples of Mithras and Christ, the 12 Gods of Olympus and according to Shi'a Muslims, 12 successors to Muhammad. The number 12 is useful because we use a base 10 numbering system (using 10 digits: 0123456789). It makes no sense to say that Gods would use a base 10 numbering system: Therefore gods would not divide the skies, their sons, their chosen ones or the message into twelve parts just because we have ten fingers! So applaud the usefulness of number 12... but watch out for those who are deluded by the pagan, irrational, magical and nonsensical claims made about it! It is, after all, only a number.

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Re: 12 Tribes of Israel

The Six-Pointed Star of David contains the 12 symbols of the 12 Tribes of Israel.

The star is of two inverted equilateral triangles. Together, they form 12 smaller, equilateral triangles.

The Star of David is an emblem of the Unity of the Jewish People.

Number Language: emblematic numbers predate Aristotelian Logic. They have a sacred history, and their usage was oral not textual.

Astrology: for a more balanced understanding of Astrology, I refer you to a book entitled "Tibetan Astrology" by Philip Cornu

Whilst this book may appear to be off-topic, the Western reader has a problem addressing authentic Jewish Scriptures. The Assyrian form of Hebrew characters is used for popular speech and is used in printing, etcetera. The Rabbinic form of Hebrew characters is used by scholars. Hebrew is an Afro-Asiatic language. It ceased to exist as a spoken language about 250BC and was reborn as a modern language in the 19th century. Hebrew words have only consonants and no vowels. It is written from right to left. According to Kenneth Katzner ( the Languages of the World), it is considered to be impossible for anyone who is unfamiliar with the language to know how to pronounce a Hebrew word from the way it was written. Thus, Hebrew is an esoteric language.

The Three divisions of the Hebrew Bible are called Tanach. The Hebrew word 'Tanach' has three letters, each letter is a symbol for one division of the Bible. Each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is assigned a number. Thus the three consonants TNCH can be assigned a symbolic, numerical code:

T has the number 9
N has the number 50
CH has the number 8

Thus, 9508 means Tanach, the Three Divisions of the Bible.

In the contexts of the vastness of time and the vastness of space and the vastness of the mind, man defers to figurative language and not the literal language of logic and statistics. When emblems touch ground with fantasy, fiction is produced. When emblems touch ground with reality, reality is reproduced linguistically, as in poetry.

Context: if an ancient text is using numbers symbolically, it is deferring to figurative language and not Logic. Figurative language is intuitive. It addresses reality in a vastly different way to Logic.

The sacred and traditional way of approaching astrology is not through the usage of Logic and Statistics. Modern Critical Scholarship may have valuable things to say about the modern world. But, its views on the Ancient world are distorted.

Protocol: These ancient subjects are still extant but one must follow sacred protocols. For example, when one is a guest in another's home, one does not just help himself to whatever his host has to offer, he politely asks for permission. All human beings are guests in the House of God. Therefore, it is by God's discretion does one gain access to Sacred Knowledge. The traditional way of making a petition to God is through a Divine Agent, aka as a bone fide Holy Man.

Access to the Kingdome

The kingdom is in one's heart. The journey to Eden is within.

Education in the ancient world was not as widespread today. It is very doubtful that the mass of ordinary people could logically analyse text because they were illiterate. An emblem such as the Star of David would be intuitively understood by all of the Jewish people, no need for logical parsing of the geometrical forms or testing them against one's own scepticism in the delusion that this methodology is somehow more authentic.

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