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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Mr. paradoxical...

Vexen, vexen, Vexen... you always seem to pride yourself on your logical reasoning in your articles. you even respond to the posts of offended Christians like me with finite antic dotes referring to an infinite being. i have just read that weird article conversation thingy about the figments of your imagination named "god" and "satan". in there you say you are already dead and that God and your life is meaningless too along with other sac-religious bs. if this is so then why disturb the peace of mind of those few who actually have purpose to their lives. if you only have one life, then why do you publicly spend hundreds of hours infront of a computer adorning your website with anti-christian pictures instead of getting a real LIFE? i'm sorry if i seem rude, but you seem to be illogical; not to mention that your a grown man with a diary(chuckle chuckle). how do you rationalize what you do? please tell me. Godspeed

Re: Mr. paradoxical...

I do it for the good of mankind.

wow... i am enlightened already... you would spend your short life to aid the meaningless, hopeless human race in this cold empty universe. you must feel warm and fuzzy inside.

ps. you should start some kind of cult

Cults where people think for themselves never really get off the ground. They're kind of called "normals" instead of "cults".

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