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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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That was a good read!

One point I don't think you made clear enough is that there is nothing in the Muslim religious texts that specifically says that women must wear headscarves. If does say that women need to dress "moderately," but doesn't specify how ~ that's all down to cultural interpretation.

I know and I agree; I am slowly creating religion-by-religion notes on specific legislated codes of dress so I can quote Hadith or Verse in order to backup statements.

Very interesting, thanks for posting.

Your Atheneum example is a good one. I've worked in schools where Muslim girls try to 'outmodest' one another. It's a simultaneous type of display and concealment.

I actually bought a full niqab and veil - it's the spirit of the perverse I know, but I also wanted to see how the other 'half' live. It really is a weird experience. On one hand, you are advertising your alliegances with every surface of your body - but you are also hiding in plain sight, removing all the markers by which you might actually enunciate anything yourself.

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