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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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So, if and when you fill in the census, what are you putting down?

Well, Satanist / Church of Satan.

Hopefully more of you than Jedis this time. But I'm hoping that the "No Religion" campaign works.

I am glad you are writing again.

Thanks - I've spent most of a year editing/trimming and improving, so I haven't actually been unproductive... I tend to only announce new stuff on LJ, rather than routine edits.

I'm pleased you're still on FB!

you look like a neo nazi

My sympathy goes out to you. You not only sound like an atheist, but you're also screwed up big time mentally. You're so called Peacefullness is a joke. Its all make-believe and you like to fool yourself. Good luck in the future because you'll need lots of luck to escape Hell and your knashing of teeth and wailing. You no doubt hate Jews as well. Good grief. Put yourself out of your own misery.

Re: you look like a neo nazi


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