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you are so stupidd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ughh!! >:(

Ernst Becker and the Denial of Death

You are quite well (and at the age of 67, not too mention "wasting" time on the Internet,) I am not going to catch up with you.

However, have you ever read Ernst Becker? Best known books: The Denial of Death and Escape from Evil. Becker argues that as the only animals with self consciousness (possible trivial exception whales), we have great difficulty comprehending that we will cease to exist. [98% of his writing ommitted, of course.] Interestingly, we are more or less the only animal that commits suicide.

Anyway, even though I am 67, I don't wake up thinking, "Hey, I am going to die." Three most common defense mechanisms:

1) "Genes in tight jeans." I will live through my offspring. (Even adopted ones; we humans are so adaptable and flexible.) [Spending time with my daughter's partner's child does cheer me up, I confess.]

2) "Life after death." Either reincarnation (Karmic religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. Pointless as we don't know who we were, but in India people are apparently always trying to figure that out. There is a book that covers this I won't look up right now.

"Heaven/Hell" in viral religions such as Christianity/Islam. There we keep our "self" (ego/identity) and get an approprate reward/punishment.

3) What people in the Becker society (this non-religious group, perhaps rather like Satanism) has its own quasi/psuedo religious behavior if only in affectionate parody) call "immortality projects." That is, something that will live on after us in other peoples' memories. [The Ozymandias syndrome.] Perhaps no one really escapes this. For example--I don't know if I run the risk of offending here--creating a brilliant, spectacular, exhaustive website deconstructing religious belief.

This is an blathering comment. Tonight I went to a new age cult meeting and at the end the leader (female) said sadly and kindly to me, "Don't call us a cult." So I am a little cranky. It's hard to deal with martyrlike behavior, male of female.

On the other hand, over the last two days, I have shot at least one, perhaps three, cute innocent bunnies dead. Humans (even as kind and gentle ones as I) are vicious killers.

Re: Ernst Becker and the Denial of Death

I am old and almost senile. First sentence was supposed to say, "You are quite well read..."

Re: Ernst Becker and the Denial of Death

I had been wondering what the missing/errornous word was in that first sentence!

Thanks for your intelligent comments, some of the ideas and writings you mention certainly seem looking in to.

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