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The reason why Christians have eggs at Easter doesn't have anything to do with paganism though. It's because originally Lent was a time of fasting in which people didn't eat eggs (amongst other things) - remember back to Shrove Tuesday, when pancakes are eaten? Originally that was to use up things like oil, butter, eggs etc which wouldn't be eaten in Lent. Eggs at Easter celebrate the ending of the fasting of Lent.

Yes, and that's why Christians would bake eggs (to make them last through Lent), and eat them afterwards during their nocturnal feat on Easter night.

I've got enough notes to do a page specifically on Christian Easter which I might ask your help for - although I might save that page for next year, alongside the "Rejuvination and Rebirth" page. That's why 2/4 of the symbols on this page aren't linked yet to subpages.

Quite happy to help out and have my brains picked on the subject. :-) In addition to the Anglican stance on things, I'm also reasonably conversant with Catholic dogma and Lutheran practices, though Cary Bass-Deschênes on Facebook would be better for the Lutheran side as he's an ordained minister (he used to be one of the admins in the FB RationalWiki group).

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