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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Good morning!!

*V is showered and shaved*

Anyone know how much a monthly/weekly and yearly season ticket costs for an all zones travelcard?

And does having a Young Person's make the cost of this cheaper?

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Showered and shaved? *pouts* I missed it! Any plans on taking another shower anytime soon so I can watch? *giggles* *hugs*

The London Underground's website ( I think) has that info on it. You'll need to poke about a bit, and I think it's a PDF file, but I remember seeing it when I was looking for something else.

*dons old Station Assistant's hat (after dusting it off, cos it's been sitting in a locker in Euston station for the past 8 months)*

OK, Travelcard prices:

  • Weekly, zones 1-6: £36.90
  • Monthly, zones 1-6: £141.70
  • Annual (Gold), zones 1-6: £1476.00

It's been 18 months since I did my tickets training, but I seem to recall that Young Person's Network Cards don't entitle you to cheaper travelcards (though don't quote me on that, as I went from S.A. to IT and Admin Support for revenue Control, to my current position as Line Information Assistant on the District line - thus totally bypassing ticket office training). I believe a valid Student Photocard (obtainable from your college or university) entitles you to buy them with 1/3rd off; the best thing to do is confirm at the Ticket Office of any Underground station however. doesn't give the discounted prices for with various cards, only full adult fares - as does, the online booking facility for travel cards.

If you have a valid photocard, you can pick up Weekly Travelcards from the queuebusting machines at a lot of the major stations (by last count, we had about 50 of these things installed).

*takes off silly Station Assistant's hat again and chucks it down a handy nearby tunnel. Whoops, there goes another one...*

Wow... thanks a lot babe!

you seem to almost alway's have half~a~beard does this mean you have a shaver that leaves your face alone or do you just not shave that often

ooh, and alot and yes but theres a limmit to how old you must be*bounces*

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