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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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Spending all today as well as yesterday clearing up the house. Have went to the dump with 3 cars full of junk.

Orinoco and Ia'Kat both have the majority of the junk in the house and neither of them are here to help!

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Shit, just had a thought! If Orin has moved out, did he remember to withdraw my lovely snow leopard print from behind his cabinet? I'd hate for it to be left behind (not simply because it cost me 80 quid!)
If it's still around, let me know and I'll pop by to pick it up - with correct timing, you could probably enlist my help in cleaning up the place :)

Hooray you came and rescued it!

Shame I missed you though!

I've been battling with Thameslink Engineering Works all evening. Was not fun!

Ick, feh. It really was a fly-by visit though; I had my ride home waiting outside.
I have to confess I laughed out loud when I heard that you'd had a dishwasher all this time and didn't know about it :)

ah! all my junk. that i removed.

it would be churlish to comment on the fact that i later spent a couple of hours in your old room, filling in all the holes in the woodwork and walls (!) left by drawing pins, and trying in vain to get all the marks of blu-tac that peppered walls, ceiling, woodwork...everything.

i believe you told us that you never left pin-marks in the woodwork.

so i must be imagining it.

It's blutak marks that I didn't leave.

We all worked hard on the house, including you, to get it clean after our various abuses of it. The others (Cayenne) stuck up for you and told me you worked non stop without taking breaks :-)

I did wonder where you got to for most the time though, but I didn't mind (intellectually) because I know you're injured and I rather you look after that and let it get better.

I *really* couldnt get down there to help sorry *:/ I really thought I'd removed all of my stuff, but then again I was kind of sleep deprived when I moved it. Hope things go ok with the new place.

Yeah I know you wouldn't have been able to make it. New place is going great, I'll be back online next month with ADSL (getting it on the 2002 Aug 01).

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