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Vexen Crabtree 2015


For my housemate birthday we had a little party-gathering... it was great :-)
Everyone liked my cake I baked for Emo, but the icing was too strong/sweet/thick... I made about 10 times too much icing!

No-one got drunk... or even drunk much. We played card games, word games and all sat around outside with candles for a few hours. Beautiful :-)

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Hey vexen,

just droping you a note beacuse you met one of my friends, declan in london last week. He seems fairly interested in the furry scene now :) and i thought i would just say hello.



Say hi to your friend (if he lives in Norwich) from me, then!

They're the _best_ kind of parties.

You'd have loved Toby's one by the way. A whole crowd of Sheffield goths turned up..._lovely_ people! Really, really sweet. We went and had a curry with them and _nobody_ got too drunk or did anything was just a great party.

His housemates are lovely too :o)

It's such a shame I missed it! But I had a gig, a party and a date on the same Saturday and I couldn't justify excusing myself from all 3!

Yeah, the best kinds of parties are the 'moderate' ones! We're in our twenties and it shows!

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