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Abstract Mankind

Abstract Mankind: Love, the Internet

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the word is anthropocentric

the word is anthropocentric

Again, you don't know God. You don't believe in Him. Stop talking about HIM! Once you know, God ... let's talk! Oh, I forgot, you don't want to know Him. Remember, you know Satan and he knows you. You enjoy him and he's out for your destruction. Satan is doing a fine job with you. You truly are doing his dirty work for him. But, guess what, your reward will be hell. And, like you and all the other idiots, you believe Satan will be "in charge" of hell. No one will be in "charge." It will be just an "eternal separation from God" ... and you will realize that fact, which will be eternally unchangeable. And, guess what, Satan will be suffering there right along with you and all the other un-believing blasphemors of God. Oh, you said Satan is not "real." Well, if you truly believe that (and I don't believe you do) ... you will get a chance to meet Satan, face to face, eternally suffering in the Lake of Fire. Maybe you can give him a piece of your mind then. Remember, you know Satan and he knows you. Get to know the real Satan. Maybe, maybe then, you will truly turn to God. :>

Your god has cabin fever. Trillions of years sitting alone in the dark, all by himself drove him mad. We are his imaginary friends. When a human creates life it does so in the hope that that life will be stronger, smarter, happier and have a much better life than they had. You worship a god with such low self esteem that it needed idiot humans to praise him day and night in order for god to feel good about himself. All your sins are self worth. Your god doesn't want you to feel good about yourself because you won't need him then. You are told to live in shame, every second of every day you are to feel guilty about who and what you are, to loath your own body and your very existence, to beg for forgivness for sins comitted by someone thousands of years before you were born.
You think separation from god is hell? I exercise my "god" given right to reject him. Your a slave and every slave needs a master, to tell them what to think, what to do, what they can say, where they can go.
who are to tell us to stop talking about HIM? he is weakness and you fear him. You don't even have the courage to use your own name. I can smell your weakness and it makes my blood race through my veins, awakening an ancesteral need to hunt. The sheep allways outnumber the wolves, but the wolves allways hunt the sheep because running is in your blood. Tell me sheep, what is it like to live in fear of a god who says the meek shall inherit the earth?

You are a complete fool!!!!!! Listen, get out of your spirtual high and ACTUALLY GO AND DO SOME RESEARCH Your talk is like the babblings of fools what makes you think your so important to GOD that even if some way down the line all humans get to know this creature and meet this creature he doesnt just say "Hmmmmm time to clear my hard drive" and simply destroy everything incling us that would really mess up your little idea of "Human Super Importantace over all Material Creation" wouldn't it?


You can't answer the 3 most basic questions non believers or even would be believers

a) Why create the tree of good and bad? Especailly if he had a powerful spirit creature about to rebel who would have tripped over his own pride and arrongance and haugtiness over his own beauty (this is in the Bible folks)?


C)(Also in the bible)Why has God thrown the Devil down to the Earth to resolve whatever argument they have (I presume who rules Earth?)especailly as we humans according to you and other Christianic /Abrahamic religions are supposed to be the "crown of material creation?
That is like someone who professes to love women putting a Serial Killer of women in a room loose in a room with thousands of beautiful women and having him armed and saying " Feel free but you only have a short time so make the most of it" What does that say about your loving God?

I could ask more questions but I doubt YOU could answer them properly youjust want to spew out cliche shit. Oh yes and you don'twhere anyone is going because Christian if this creature God exist YOU ARE A BUG LIKE THE REST OF US OK?


what is world

what is world u no

my name is J.J. Cole

I think you have done lots and lots of research actually and bashing you is probably the worst thing I can do as a Christian to help you. I'm sorry for the ones that do because God never said anywhere in the Bible that I need to bash you. I think your mind is actually very stimulated and very hungry and I wish that most Christians had a mind like yours. I took some notes on this essay in response to your argument against the homocentricity of religion. There are a few things that I really want to get out are:
1. saying that earth not being a spherical shape is not a huge blow to homocentricity at all. I think what is more important about the Earth is it's position, and even then still brings more argument but I will move along. And also the finding that Earth is not the center of everything really can't say much either, because that belief might have been used by Christians a long time ago, but I stand by my opinion to say that no Christian back then based Christianity on how the universe spun around them.
2. evolution has never been proved ever and can not be a blow to homocentricity at all. I believe evolution is very very persuasive but it can never be proved because Darwin could only go so far into science as far as the time period he lived. Say Darwin were born today, his theories now, would have to go so much deeper than that by which he went while he was alive.
3. I'm going to presume that you just have a bad taste in your mouth as to Christians being prideful, and that homocentricity means something to us, but God never intended for us to be without Him, it was our free will that led to our separation from Him, and I can talk more about evil sometime else. Also, as a Christian, my mind must need to be in service to God, not around how I as a human am the center of everything.
4. You can only say that Biblical rules and truths are cultural in an atheist sense, but from a Christian's perspective, they are universal. It doesn't matter if a piece of slime had life and free will in a far off galaxy, he was created by God, and he would still need to worship the God of the Bible in a Christians point of view. cultural rules to atheists are universal truths to Christians.
5. Separation from God is the symbol of the fight between good and evil. If alien forces came to Earth it would be the same truth. Earth just happens to be the place we are. the fight between good and evil only exists because God is separated from us.
6. Nobodies mental condition can be the ground on which you disprove God. check our and go to their questions about religion being a crutch.

I enjoyed it.

I'm writing a research paper on freemasonry and found everything you had to say very interesting. I was suprised to see the comments here are so angry. The angle I'm looking at is whether freemasonry is the "missing link" between the government and religion, or if it is the perpetual chasm.
I thought it was strange how you termed "real life" as something different from society, and also how hopeful you seemed to be that love would overcome, no matter how it was percieved by different people. Over all, you are a genius... because it's more important to tell the truth about evil at this point.

I don't know if you still check this seeing as the last entry is fairly old, but I wanted to say that I find your thoughts to be refreshing and most interesting. I am only saddened that you receive such adverse comments from the close-minded and religiously brain-washed, although I find that they do it to such a degree that their very underlying violent nature betrays them for what they truly are.

I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual. I am not a part of any organized faith, nor do I ever intend to become one. I believe there is a life-force to the universe, possibly a god, but I have recently come to understand that if it exists it either doesn't care, is malevolent, or exists in a fashion that sets it outside of the laws of consequence, thereby transcendent to the ideal of "good" and "evil," --or so it would be by its own perception.

I grew up in a Mormon Fundamentalist organization, so I understand from personal experience how religion can really mess one up psychologically and get us to behave irrationally. Due to my experiences, I have suffered the great confusion and delusion of belief and religion, although I am hoping to transcend that someday, despite the fact that I do it little by little and my progress is slow due to having an mental disorder which impairs my judgment and often can make me delirious or delusional. Therefore, I have suffered through delusions and what it is to be deluded, thereby allowing me to better understand the delusional (even though this is an experience I'd rather wish I didn't have to undergo.)

I have for the past few years experienced unusual dreams and insights from a psychological aspect of myself that I have come to identify as Lucifer. I have not always responded well to them due to my own religious brain-washing that I endured as a child, although that is starting to change. Through these experiences I examine religion and the ideal of God and what it means, but the more I learn, the less I like the ideal of God. I perform these introspections because I view religion and many aspects of spirituality to be a problem for humanity. I used to believe that religion had purpose (as my videos in youtube under ladysorrowishana intone) but now I question even that.

One question for the religious dogmatic who plague you: if God is truly capable of All Things, as the Bible states, then he is capable of increasing our capacity in order to understand him. Simply lift our eyes and Know him -- no arguments, doubt, or questions would remain or need to slaughter each other any more in his name as we bicker over who and what he really is or whose version of his presence is correct. He would also be capable of protecting us so that viewing what he really is would not destroy us. But the fact remains: this world is in a total state of confusion and no one understands God because we can't even understand the underlying nature of ourselves who have projected the unconscious idealism as to what God is and have created his image in the likeness of our own. Therefore, it is only logical to conclude that if the Christian God exists that he does not WANT to be understood or that he purposely keeps us in a state of total confusion to keep us from a true transcendental and godlike state, as we may possibly have the potential of possessing to one degree or another if we want it. The dogmatic argue that this is to create the need for faith, but WHAT is faith? The blind following of an ideal because one believes in it so strongly. I know the pitfalls of this behavior from personal experience and it has taught me that the pursuit of logic, reasoning, the grounding of oneself in the tangible while being open to the belief of the intangible, is better than the blind belief in that ideal of faith that the religious use to manipulate and control the open-minded and innocent in order to swell their numbers.

Re: A fair greeting to you


Therefore, if God exists and is a being of true conscious nature, it is more likely that he is a being of tyrannical malevolence who keeps us in this state of violent material essence for whatever purpose, as he is capable of changing that at any time, despite the alleged fall of man. Mankind's blaming of itself and various other psychological forces does not omit the responsibility of such a being of power to care and provide for its own creation. And why are we, after so many years, as the descendants of Adam and Eve (that is to say, if that story is true), still being subjected to these things? Why are we still being held back from true godliness? The fault does not lie in characteristic flaws of humanity, but in the base programming of our most inner workings, as we are all only subjects to our own internal chemistry -- puppets who think they have free will and self control when these are only delusions. (I have experienced two mental breakdowns so I know what it is like when one of these chemicals become imbalanced and one looses the ability to perceive the universe appropriately.) By this I have concluded that our perception is dependent on the functionality and programming of our DNA and various chemicals inside us, that we are the sum total of all our parts and if one malfunctions we are no longer the same people we once were. Our very "souls" are altered. Who then controls these? Who programmed us to be beings of poor perception who are constantly confused? Did evolution, as a random process of chemical reactions that build up a sense of memory and intelligence, or are memory and intelligence also only delusions? Are we only then chemicals floating about in the Void? If so, then we have only been the programmers of ourselves throughout the course of our tattered history.

Did God? Why then the nature of life? If intelligence designed the universe, the more I look it over, the less intelligent it seems. The less benevolent or loving it appears. I see hollow energy, sitting behind the face of God. A thing that is all experience and yet no experience, all consciousness and yet having no conscience. Enticing to look upon as it is beautiful to the senses, but holding a hidden malevolent nature as its plans are more important than the suffering or enslavement of an entire universe simply for the fact that it is transcendental -- transcending everything we know and possessing a raw state of being that is so alien to us that any human who looks upon it would see it as "evil" (even if it might not be really be "evil" as evil is an opinion and viewpont and often is perceived due to misunderstanding) and it is therefore "superior" to us, its subjects and creations. One must also note that the idea of superiority is often a false one, but in nature it does exist, as there will always be something stronger, smarter, or faster than another creature. But does competition exist for God who sits at the topmost of transcendental existence? Most likely not. And does his barring of our road to godhood mean that he does not desire competition for his throne?

Anyhow I have rambled on long enough. Bleh. Some of the almost insane thoughts I get every day... Sometimes it's tiresome...

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