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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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Have a hug everyone

* H U G *

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A hug each, or a hug between us all? =^.^=

As if you'd turn it down Eitherway.

Well I'm a liberal so let's let the people decide...

The hippies can all join in with a hug-for-everyone, whilst the rest can have individual hugs. The macheivellians can have a hug for a hug in return, the Christians can have a hug at the end of a period of affection-abstinence, the Buddhists can have a hug-of-enlightenment, the Furs can have nuzzle-hugs, the Communists can have carefully rationed hugs and the Fascists can have whatever type of hug I feel like giving them. Politicians can have a carefully planned hug for PR purposes, and the boy band token blonde singer can have a hug suggestive of homosexuality. Whilst the football fans can have manly back-patting hugs.

*ponders, then takes a slightly boybandish nuzzle-hug*

Thank you!

What about terrorists?

They're people too, they can have a hug. Maybe we can melt them enough for them to become more of a Yes! and less of a No!


I'll have some of that...


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