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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Of Boredom and Sexual Energy

Boredom and Sexual Energy can both be put to productive use

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I made my first trip to your website today... What to say, except...amazing. Thoughtful. Enlightening. Just all-around impressive.
I felt compelled to say so.

Yay, you made me smile! Thanks!

boredom and sexual energy

oh my god how the sexual energy hurls you into states of whats and hell !!!and hes hot modes
yes i so understand kinda finally makes sence to create the artist in you and the saint in you? well that concept is interesting especially when already your a saint.hehehehheehhe with sms issues
its an amazing energy but used to create with, you can climb mountains and claim them as yours. hell why not walk on water too
boredom is a simple challenge wating to be birthed into excited moments of clarity and becomeing un lazy like
why make humans swear to not enjoy sex and be free with them gods there too hell hes everywhere with you he made it this way so why not enjoy it as you choose to
anyways i digress and am in horney mode your cute...hehheehhehe
its the energy i tell you the energy!!!!

Go figure

The combination of exhuberant energy, enthusiasm, feelings, sexual energy and boredom join together in a manic mixed bipolar frenzy. We are talking about human moods and brain chemistry. HEY! We're all human, that's for sure. SO WHAT! Is there anything new under the sun?
There is more than mere humanity at work in this life.
With humanity there is always something greater or lesser.
We need something to compare ourselves with or a way to measure.
This much is true. The concept of God is always greater than anything we can imagine or even think. The concept of God is good all the time. And all the time we see that the unseen right hand of God acts or moves to produce what he wants to create or happen irrespective of persons. We can't figure it out.

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