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having cake and eating it too.

i had a telemarketing preacher tell me i will never find an answer to the question "If god is all knowing, then how can we have free will?" the preacher added that people will never be able to understand god. (something about a superior intelect). well that may be. at the same time i should have asked him "if you conceed that we cannot understand him, or at least your interpretation of what god says, you must also concede that we should not be making laws based on a book that we admit no one fully understands.

i believe preachers are woried that there bread and butter are threatened for the first time in the history of the USA. (admiting that there are clear contradictions/imposibilities in the bible or at least their interpretation of the bible. the day they cannot convince the masses that everything in the bible or their interpretation is sensible/true/possible/timelessly ethical.... is the day they risk loosing thier power grip over many well meaning people looking for leadership, absolutes, understanding ,and rocks to cling to in this sometimes scary, confusing world.

i believe most, if not all christian preachers hate the thought of the masses utilizing religions such as buddism. not because they care about people , but because they care about parts of their bottom line. money, power, fame, ect.

all of about 200 preachers (registerd and non registered ) i have questioned believe god is and omnipotent and free will exist. that seems like wanting to have cake and wanting to eat it too. i dont believe that both can exist simultaneously. therefore i believe that preachers have to choose. either way, if they choose , they are admiting fault with thier bible or their interpreation

Re: having cake and eating it too; ALT

i don't understand what power and fame you speak of that preachers have. You talk about priests as if they had political ties and controlled mass industries. Here is the bottom line priests voulentarilly chose to live a life of poverty,and there main goal is to get as many souls to heaven as possible.

Honestly i don't think you can understand God's plan considering his omnipresence, ominiscience, and the fact that he is not bound by time. I see the human race as being ants compared to God. Imagine in ant trying to understand what a human is.

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