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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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ok now that is very true and i was surprised someone would be smart enough to prove that theory wrong but here is my explanation. you talk about choices in your argument, but the outcome of are choice depends on a mixture of are conscience, are life experiences and are general knowledge.
if i have a choice weather to kill someone, 100 percent of the time i will choose not to. in a way that is not having a choice because if i really want to do it i cant because my conscience holds me back. doesn't that defeat the purpose of choosing.

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sorry i pressed enter key by accident lol. alright as i was before. now on the other hand if some kid with a bad conscience is given the choice to kill someone and he chooses to do it, should he really be punished for that choice. if time was rewinded he would make the same choice every time. we can not choose differently because of his general make up of are brains. therefore EVERY CHOICE WE MAKE IS JUST A TEST OF ARE MORALITY.

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