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Western Culture

Popular Culture, Elitism, Trash Culture and Multiculturalism: The Western World

language preservation


2005-09-29 11:18 pm (UTC)

mr crabtree i agree with you totally. however, if you consider the auxiliary language of esperanto, you will see that people can have a means of easy communication whilst leaving all national languages intact.
best regards,
richard spencer

you are very juvenile and ignorant


2005-11-12 01:50 pm (UTC)

Multi-cult will lead to nothing less than race wars within our own homelands which now are being annexed by the invaders. There is no benefit, you liberal types live in a twisted dream world and somehow believe you are on the moral high ground, what impertinence! When the time comes when your sick fantasy falls apart, you will wake up to a very real nightmare. To think that such foolish child minds like yourself, "academics" and puppet sell out leaders regard yourselves as intelligent makes me ill. You are nothing but a self hating white man, die please.

Multi-racial not Multicultural


2006-03-05 12:04 am (UTC)

Please read VICTOR DAVIS HANSON's books: Who Killed HOmer? and Carnage and Culture. YOu will get much out of them both. He is a trained classicist (Greek and Latin) who argues that we are not multi-cultural but we are multi-racial. We are of the Western Culture in the Americas and Europe. What does that mean? Well this: we embrace such Western cultural ideals as individual rights (speech, vote, press, assembly, religion,...) and representative govt. The cultures of the East for example, largely do not; this is clearly evidenced by the Muhammad cartoon flap and countaless theocratic governments that are in power in the Middle East and Asia. WE ARE CULTURALLY WESTERN....we are NOT MULTICULTURAL.

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