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Vexen Crabtree 2015


This is my first whine on Live Journal!

I'm moving out of Mauhaus, where I live with Orin, Ia'Kat and Robin, in 3/4 monthes. Although the people are great, the issues of mess, tidiness and health/hygeine that I've been trying to be patient with don't look like they're going to sort themselves out.

I don't mind people leaving things laying around.... but I feel I'm living in a house that Orin and Ia'Kat use to dump their things. Especially Orin! It seems the primary function of the house is to house Orin's endless objects and mess... that I'm just a mug who lives here in order to subsidize the rent whilst taking up only a small space.

Also I don't expect people to clean up after themselves all the time, or to be as pedantic as I am about cleanliness. But Orin can count the amount of times that he's hoovered or washed the surfaces in the kitchen on his hands. This is in 14 monthes! I tried throughout our first house to coach him... .then my hope laid in assuming that when we moved into our second house things would be better. But it appears not to be so... if anything having a bigger house is worse.

I come back from holiday to find the bins overflowing, junk everywhere, the kitchen in a complete tip... I hate whining about it! I don't talk to them about it anymore because I get ashamed of whining all the time; rather than whine or descend into some mother-complex I should move out and see what it's like on my own!

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Awwww *huggle* amma sorry fings didnae work out.

*hugs* Thanks!

I wouldn't really say that it's not worked out though... we're all still friends and it's been great.

But I so look forward to living on my own!

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Yeah... all that mess effects me even if I try to ignore it. It's the same for them... I bet they'd be surprised how subtly mess can effect your general well being!

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I have to say that things have been a lot better for me since I moved out of my ex's place and started living in my own place... still get kinda lonely from time to time but I get folks visiting which is good :)

Best of luck Vex!

I know exactly what you mean!

My housemates in my secong year at uni were a lot like that... the only times you could actually see the carpet in the living room was just after we moved in, a couple of times when I got tired of asking them to clean up after themselves and did it myself and then just before we moved out... and I'm not even gonna think about the kitchen... *shudders*

Anyway, I've got me own flat now, and it's so nice! Doesn't even get too lonely as there are a few nice people living nearby (waves to Pebble and tomjon, people come and visit at the weekends a lot plus there's always several people online to chat with if I get bored in the evening (not that that'll be a problem for you, I can't imagine you ever getting bored, you're always in the middle of several things)...

Hope you find a really nice place! =^.^=

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