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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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I haven't been excersicing recently, done some today.

90 situps
30 pressups

Except for stretches, these are the only excerices I know!

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Bodyweight exercises are really good...

Try varying the width of your pushups. hands close together, hands in the middle, then hands wide apart - these work different muscles. Indian pushups are great too - lie on the ground and push up with your arms while keeping your hips on the ground...this stretches your back. Then push your backside into the air, keeping your legs straight, then press the hips down again. This is a really good exercise.

Try neck exercises too! These are great and _hard_. Lie on your back and bend your knees, lifting one leg and hooking the foot underneath the knee of the other leg, in the crook. Then nod your head, quite quickly, 50 times, so your chin touches your chest. Then, without stopping, 'nod' it from side to side 50 times (one count is each time an ear touches one of your shoulders), and then 50 times touching your chin to each shoulder, then, without stopping again, circle the head 30 times one way, then 30 times the other way. Then push your head as far forward as it will go, then as far back, then to each side, stretching it out. You'll need this. This builds a _really_ strong neck - all the wrestlers I know do these every day.

I'd always do crunches rather than situps as they're better for your back. Do them in sets, too, so 3 sets of 30 or 40, and build up that way, rather than just going for maximum reps straights off. Leg raises are good too for targeting the gluteous maximus and lower abs - lie on the back and just lift the legs until they're vertical for 3 sets of 20, say. These are harder than crunches. Also, when you've done crunches forward, it's important to strengthen the lower back, too. Lie on your front and hook your feet under something, then lift your upper body off the ground with your hands at your sides for 3 sets of 20 again.

Squats are really good too. In fact, squats might be about the most important bodyweight exercise. Just stand upright and bend your knees until your hands brush against the floor, then straighten up. Make sure you keep your back straight and let the arms dangle straight down. Do as many as you can.

Also, try squatting down while keeping your feet flat on the ground and about shoulder width apart. Don't do reps of this - just hold it when you're fully down for about a minute. My old osteopath swore by this as a way to make the hips flexible throughout their entire range.

Hope to see you soon.


Thanks for all that!

I already do sets, I do 20 or 30 situps at a time, then 10 pressups, then rest a minute, then repeat. Sometimes I reduce the situps to 20 at a time.

I'll try some of those!

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