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People, eh, gotta love them! Some recent online comments to me include...

I'm after people's souls, apparently! Anyone who reads my websites needs to GET A BIBLE AND GO TO CHURCH!

Your discussion is flawed because you appear to not believe in God

T-Mac reports to me that I need to "Open yourself to me and let a true,intellectual,and articulate argument begin.I've all the answers. And you, in search of this diabolical manifestation, are by your very own actions truly ignorant"

However upon emailing him his response to my questions were neither intellectual or articulate. He actually said "because it's obvious" as some kind of intellectual response to my email. I've emailed him further, but they never reply once they realize I'm actually willing to question their arguments/statements.

all you people who are actually digging this crap are will only truelly be happy and content through God and his son. Confused people, please check out some christian sites before deciding to become a satanist.

Hey Satanist, how are ya'll today. Good I hope because hell is going to be hot. Zechariah 1-1:6 Turn from your evil ways and your evil practices.
God loves you and all, his son died for us. I will pray for you. Fell free to send your false god satan after me. I love all of you

I do not worship power, my strength, and my belief belong to the ONE and ONLY glorious king, christ! however, your beliefs are very interesting and a form of excitment brews within me when i read your information.
I can promise this to everyone, I will NEVER choose your path of darkness, because i live in the light and i will spend my eternity in the most glorious, yet bright and loving presence of the most amazing man that ever lived!


Whether you believe this is logical or not does not change the fact that God created the earth about 6000 years ago and because of one man sin entered the human race and you and I and everyone else on the face of this earth has inherited this sin nature. God has said in His word that anyone who has sinned will have to die and spend an eternity without Him. Well, if sin must be punished with Hell then the only way to be given redemption is by sacrifice. Jesus died for my sins and for your sins so that we would not have to be punished and spend an eternity without Him. I agree this is not one bit logical. That is what the Word of God says is faith.

I do reply, if they email or sign my guestbook, because I have a site dedicated to arguing against single-religion adherents I can copy and paste most my arguments, there's only been ONE person, in the years since 1998, who has held her own against me! More people should be like her.

There's always a sneaking suspicion that anyone intelligent doesn't bother emailing me because I'm an amateur. Which is annoying if true.

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Oh some more, I missed a guestbook

I ain't trying to convert you, chump-change. I only want you to know the Truth between Life VS Death, Heaven VS Hell. YOU make the decision. Nobody else. Got it? BTW... The Holy Spirit told me in the first URL you'll see on my HUGE URL, 2/3 of humanity's going to where they won't see light anymore after they perish. I'd suggest you seriously THINK summore about repenting of your mortal sins before Satan calls. O? Whot? You don't believe in Satan? Touche. Atheism = Satan worship, friend. If you're an atheist, you don't believe in anything. Only yourself? How long you may last during your sexual escapades? Nothing else? Very good. It also goes to prove this: This Finite Existence is ONLY a test. Que cera cera. Do whot you like: A prophet can only warn. C'est la vie, n'est-ce pas, mon amie? Just don't be on the Left side when thou shall perish. How dost thou avoid? Go to CONFESSION and believe in the One, True God... OR I fear for thy soul.

Did you really think that your articles where clever? In one part you stated that God created human beings to be company for Him. The scritpures tell us that ALL of this, all of creation is for the glory of His Son Jesus. Romans 8:28-30. That Jesus might be the FIRSTBORN among many brethern. The firstborn is the most important

God loves all those, but most especially those who hate or dis-believe him. You can continue believing what you like, because I would be anti-Christian myself if I critized your beliefs. I understand why you hate him so much, all you've seen is wars fought over him. But you have to understand the Protestants AND Catholics who fight these wars do not represent him at all. Good luck to anyone in Ireland who have suffered in this war. Love Always, America

May the name of the Lord be greatly praised!

Re: Oh some more, I missed a guestbook


Re: Oh some more, I missed a guestbook

I think I'll stick to being my normal agnostic self. The briliant light of ture faith in god appears to be a little blinding.

Which do you recon (asuming the exsistance of god) god would prefer Sombody who only dose good out of fear of god or in hope of some kind of reward Or a person who is honest about heis beliefs and is just good to others because he thinks it is the right way to live.
Much as I personaly belive in the exsistance of some form of god I don't really care what he tels me to do. There are pleanty of mortal men more powerful than me and I won't betray my moral code for any of them either.

Hey, woah.. you're after our souls? I never knew! You bastard!

I don't know, for the life of me, what to do with all these souls! Can't eat them, play with them, tease them, converse with them or even see them. But I've been assured that I'm after them anyway!

I can't even find my own, let alone other peoples'!

Though I have a soul, I'm currently earning big $$$ renting it out to someone else. If you've got any spare souls lying around unused, I'm interested in expanding my "buy-to-let" rent-a-soul operation: in today's market you can make an easy 10% profit on your investment.

<--------------anything you read after this line is someone else's data----------->

I heard there was a girl who auctioned her soul on e-bay, but the administrators cancelled the auction after it got to some huge sum of money. By the way, I added you to my friends list the other day.

It appears to me that these people have not actually read your websites but merely skim-read and picked up on words such as "Satanist" and "Athiest", I find it very uncourteous of people to expect you to listen to what they have to say but will not do the same in return. I am intensely irritated by evangelists of all natures.
Out of interest,do members of any religions other than Christianity leave posts like this?

Yeah, I once got a similar style mindless evangelic post from a Muslim. Once.

I get occasional comments from atheists who nearly all ask, "Why SATANism?", and sometimes say "It's all very silly".

I posted about this (your question) in early July and debated a bit with precious Empiress.

Did I hear you say at some point in the distant past that satanists don't actualy belive in the exsistance of satan and if so how dose that work?

Just checking because I would hate to be barking up the wrong tree.

RMerciless once wrote:

"Communists do not believe in a deity called Commun but they do revere and hold up communes as an ideal.

Taoists do not worship the god Tao but, instead honor the philosophy and symbolism of the Tao.

Atheists do not worship the god Athe. Instead, they seek to live a lifestyle that is a-theist, i.e. "without god(s)."

Ventriloquists do not bow down and beg before the demon Ventriloqu. They study and practice the art of ventriloquism.

In the same way, many who use the term "Satanist" to describe themselves follow a cogent philosophy of life modeled upon the mythical literary character known as Satan, honoring his qualities, his rebellion and applying his name to the natural forces which so many white light religions oppose.

The narrow use of the term "Satanism" to mean only the worship of a devil deity misses the more robust and complex nuanced development of the word over the past 33 years or so. Perhaps considering it through the above contexts will help to understand the broader definition. Or perhaps the stupid and narrow-minded will continue to fail to grasp the concept."

I add to the above post by RMerciless: What is Buddhism, and do Buddhists worship Buddha? No, Buddhists respect, revere and strive to be like Buddha, but they do not worship him. A Buddha is an enlightened person, Buddhism is atheistic and believes in spiritual life and reincarnation without the help of Gods.

Although that explains how Satanists view Satan (as something to be reverred, etc, an ideal, etc) the next question is why do Satanists view Satan in that way?

Many answers to this are (attempted to be) given here:

If you think of it as "opposites", dualists assume that there is a God/Satan dualism of some kind. The opposite of this, Satanism believes that good and evil are inseperable and not "real" things at all.

Anton LaVey wrote a (slightly tongue in cheek, as always) list of Nine Satanic Statements, detailing what Satan symbolizes to the Satanist.

I've put some thoughts on the nine statements you pointed me at on my own live journal. I would be interested in your comments.

What's a soul, anyway? You can have mine and wipe your ass with it, for all I care...


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