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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Long Live Christ the King!!
Mary has crushed the serpent's head!
God's Kingdom will last forever!

to christian guy at the top of the page

hey fuck you! you are probably just another trained, brainwashed christian aren't you!

Re: to christian guy at the top of the page


To the short sighted fool on the top of the page.

To the short sighted fool on the top of the page. WAKE UP THERE IS NO GOD NO ANGELS,ONLY AN EMPTY VOID!!!!!

this is true........when it breaks, the sky will turn red, the rivers will turn red, the earth began to tremble, the kings will began to shiver, the soil will begin to burn, the heavens will shriek, for he will come...the ultimate ruler of the universe........

ThE VamPIre

THen Who is this please tell me, it might be my LORD

Darkness is the only truth.

Today in society, people look for answers.
The only answer they get is the silence of their own head.
Darkness will embrace, comfort and give answers to those who are willing to listen, especially in a world where people rarely listen but wait for their turn to talk. Always beware of the posers that think they know the truth but are as empty as a cheerleaders head.

confusion on what to believe

hey, i have been raised as a christian and i absolutely hate it! as soon as i could voice my opinion i told my mother that i hated her god and all that it stood for. i choose to live my life on the darker side and choose to be "gothic" and antisocial, but i believe satanism could be the direction in my life. at first i thought that satanists praised a forked tailed red creature. but after reading this sight, i have concluded that no leader should be any other but religion but satanists, especially since satanists stand against all stupidity. so thank you and post a response soon

Re: confusion on what to believe

Here is a response...

Re: confusion on what to believe

i am doind a resaerch paper on goth subculutre because i am intereres in getting to know it but i have trouble finding the symbols and meanings of the language and poems.i read some poems but have no idea what they are talking about.
what is spec the message?

me myself and satan!!!!!!!!

OH brother how wonderfull art thou! you are doing your job well passing on our fathers will I'm 458/17 AVII wanting to learn more of your poetry. I am a big fan of crowley and the thelema. my wife get this is a wiccan witch but she supports my beliefs I am currently studying the sacred books and hope to attend a gathering of bretheren or start my own! I moved up to seattle wa from a mostly mormon town in Idaho. Oh! how good it feels to be home again!good for you to be so bold you are a true example! I would be interested in more of your teachings?

intresting stuff

most of what you say is great but i dont understand the hate for god blessings to you and you freinds may you find peace and true unconditional love!

thank the christians and there twisted mind<let them do all our work. they hurt , destroy,rape,lie and push people away from there faith everyday . all we need to do is wait

Re: us

umm... how come you guys talk so much about there not being a God and whatnot, but you're so absorbed in this subculture of darkness and suppression of morality? If you really believe there is no right, wrong, good or bad then there is no darkness! All the poetry on all these pages point to some sort of higher power. Come out of yourselves and realize you are being deceived worse than any of the other religions are being deceived!

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