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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Satanic Rituals

Ritual and Magic in Satanism

well i think let merephrase i belive and know inmmy heat that satan cant do a thing to me.. Jesus is more power ful then anyone in this world. he defeatd stan whe he died nd he will still do that in the futer .. heck he is still ddoing that . SO PRIASE BE TO THE NAME OF JESUS!

Fuck off, you mindless sheep.

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The intellectual decompression chamber of the Satanic temple might be considered a training school for temporary ignorance, as are ALL religious services! The difference is that the Satanist KNOWS he is practising a form of contrived ignorance in order to expand his will, whereas another religionist doesn't - or if he does know he practices that form of self-deceit which forbids such recognition.

I think this is a very smart distinction. It's something Wicca is supposed to aspire to as well, but more in the way of 'speaking to the deep mind.' And yet many Wiccans enmesh the Goddess/God aspects into ritual (how can they not?) so then it's combined worship+self-fulfillment, sometimes +magical spell. Witchcraft alone (the non-Wiccan sort) probably bypasses this by leaving out the actual religious aspects.

Good essays! Gonna go read some more now... :)

I disagree when you said that wicca was"worship+self-fulfillment.could you please expand on this subject?

basically i would like to be an expert in the black arts, i would like to study on them...basically i think ihave a gift for the specific area as i am Greek,from the place that everything started, the place that human kind begun to think, in this mystical land everything flourishes with the light of free spirit... regards...

i would not advise the black arts they can be dangerous and you have to remeber you will get your comback......
it is an interesting things to study but to use magic against some one is a cowadly thing to do

Iam a powerfull invoker, vexen you are such an asshole, for the sole reason of your unexcusable stupidity i will bring hell to you... ha ha aha

i want to sale my soul for money

i very interested to sale my soul for to any interested person who is willing to buy my soul

what the heck???

Okay, I don't think you know what you're talking about. First of all, Christians don't *have* ritual arenas. While Catholics do, Catholics are not the only Christians out there. Secondly, we DO NOT lie and manipulate the truth to fit the religion. The truth is the truth, and we believe what the truth says... yes, I am talking about the Bible. note>>>>> by the way, the Bible was written BEFORE the Satanic Bible.
Lastly, I don't hate satanists or vampires or wiccans. I simply don't like the religion. It's nothing personal.

Re: what the heck???

During a Christian church service, the Church is the ritual area.

The text of the NT is 1700 - 2050 years old, and the text of the OT somewhat older. The Satanic Bible was written in 1967. I do not think that anyone can possibly think that The Satanic Bible was written before the Christian one!

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I want to point out that, yes, there is deceit in satanism and witchcraft and vampirism. Heck, the enitre religion is *laced* in lies and deceit. By the way, you know that guy, Lucifer, you worship? What's with that? You do know that he was cursed and is going to spend forever burning in Hell, don't you?

I'm not a Christian and do not believe such things as written about Satan in the Christian Bible are true.

Also, Lucifer is not synonymous in Christian tradition with Satan, such a modern mistake is a result of an early mistranslation, see:
Even modern Bibles point this mistake out in their footnotes.

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Hey, do you guys actually *read* the satanci bible. I'm having trouble finding one and was curious to what it says.

Buy it from or order it from any bookstore. It couldn't be easier!


"The Satanic Bible" by Anton LaVey, published by Avon. More details such as ISBN available on Amazon.


R u guyz in England??/ Cuz I heard that country rocks!

Yes, I'm in London, England. London fucking rocks, it's true :-)

It has the best clubs!:

Feel free to tell me where you're from...

Your time will come soon.

what i think

Jesus name satan come out!


What does one do a human rituals?


I am doing reseach on a collge paper.
I want the true. What goes on at a human rituals.
Do you remove there blood? Cut off their heads,hands,and feet.
You do it to a mother to be.

i believe that we live in a world of shit

the way the world was created is in equal balance,everything'


if the world was balanced there would not be war death penence & plague u thick fuck

this is bull shit

as i was growing up i believed in all of this bull shit but im sorry but the shit you believe in is fuckin lies...your all fuckin stupid...i wouldent have said anything but you seem so cockey...

Re: this is bull shit

I thought it was us Satanists who were supposed to swear and spread immature ridicule of others... I guess you're a better reactionary than me!

Seriously though... if you want to bring up a point or debate something from the page, go ahead!

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have you a ritual to do with gaining the power of satan him/her self if there is not one you know of replie to this


Hello, my name is Kira
I am a Catholic and I do not despise nor hate your religion.
Everyone has free will to choose the way they live their lives.

I understand some of what u say on ur websites and u seem to hate my religion.
That I have no care for, but i wish to ask about 'The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth.'

4. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.
Usually 'Guest' is sumone that u have welcomed into ur 'lair' and if not on purpose they annoy you, why treat them cruelly and without mercy? Isn't one of your powerful sayings:
'Do unto them as they do unto you'

5. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
Do you have an actually 'mating signal?' Why do you degrade making love? is sex just a great romp to your culture?
Is having sex like an everyday thing? e.g having breakfast.
Do you believe in the pill and condoms and abortion? what is Satanism views or beliefs on them?

9. Do not harm little children.
I would hope not.

10. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.
So does this man you can kill humans then? you say non- human animals.
Humans are not animals.
Animals to me are more pure and peaceful.
Humans go deeper, they can think for themselves, create, worship,love,destroy,laugh etc

11. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.
when I first read this I did not understand and I still don't.
Why destroy?
in what way would a person destroy another?
That is awful, to want to harm another and also to do for so little. Again 'do unto them as they do unto you'
so if they hit you u hit them back? so on and so forth.
It seems like it wouldn't solve very many problems.

Has it ever occured to you, that people who think full of themselves and that themselves are all that matters... are greedy and do not care bout others. If you do what has been done to you,
lets say a guy hits you in the gut, you turn around and hit him back and then your fight continues and sumone ends up injured or dead what good will come of this?
It's ppl like this who create fights,war,suffering,pain and death.

I also wanted to ask where do you get your power to do magick?
From your God Satan? or from yourselves?

thats all and if u do not reply thats cool
sorry if i wasted your time. ciao

Answers to most your questions can be found here:

I don't hate your religion. But I do think Catholicism is wrong. You are right though, everyone has free will to live how they want. So people can be Catholics as they wish. (Of course, many people such as the mentally disabled, severely imbalanced scitzophrenics and depressives, etc, don't actually have any free will about major aspects of their lives, but that's another story for another day).

Some questions you've asked may not be answered on the page above, so, here are some further notes to address them:

3) (About Rule 5)
I do not degrade making love, it's the most intimate and meaningful physical activity between people who care for each other. You'd have to ask individual Satanists to see what their views on condoms and contraceptives are *but*, anyone who wants to enjoy life and enjoy sex would be stupid not to be sensible and take precautions. Abortion is traumatic and should be avoided - but - sometimes it is for the best.

10. Humans *are* animals. And, there is no reason in Satanism not to kill and eat a person. Of course there are legal difficulties and moral difficulties, but if the person was willing to be eaten, then there is no moral problem as long as you cook safely!

Animals are far from peaceful, the animal kingdom is a bloody and violent place.

5) (About rule 11)
Christianity has the same ethic, it's called the Golden Rule, and was a Jewish saying that the author of matthew claims Jesus repeated (Matthew 7:12). Both that and the Satanic equivalent are versions of the Ethic of Reciprocity, which is a fundamentally flawed ethic.
I have a page going in to some depth on it:

I agree that such people are selfish. However, has it occured to you that when people do nice things, they are only doing it because it pleases themselves to be good people? Nice behaviour and altruism are self-pleasing too, altruism as they say is also "long term selfishness". Together, this shows us that nice people are selfish too - but what makes themselves happy is simply more socially acceptable that what "selfish" people do. Both types of people are equally self-gratifying, but only one camp admit to being selfish! has some more text on this and a quote from The Satanic Bible saying that frequently being nice to others, especially those who you care for, is pleasing and good.

I think that as Satanism is more in touch with Human nature, Satanists' understand violence better than Christians. (In the same way, someone trained in a martial art understands violence better than those who are shielded from it). Christianity has more than it's fair share of torture, wars, suffering, coercian, death and violence. The history of Christianity is a history of large-scale torture, force, crusades and wars as much as it is a history of belief!

Power comes from the self.




You assholes need to find something better to do with your time and energy. The fucking world is coming to an end and no one is going to give 2 rats asses about the shit your talking about.. sorry boo boo



devil worship

I was raised a cathloc but i've come to realize catholisim as well as most of the other relgions(with the exception of the koran) are all very contradicting and really make no sense. They say you can eat but dont taste, touch but dont feel, you know, shit like that. As far as satanisim goes i would like to further understand this religion. I can't really imagine being able to conjur up spirts and shit. Or being able to reach some spirtual oneness with satan himself. And if you could wouldn't it stand to reason that satan dont give a fuck about you and will kill you undoubtally? please respond

learn the way of warrior

your all dicks i practise good magic i am a monk of good and lighter chi your stuff is bullshit i kno because i read from the ancheint scriptures of gods the devil will take ur souls u r all ungatefull fucks take up a day job instead of devil fucking.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Vexen crabtree

well thats not justified now is it? kill in the name of Christ? my, my, whatwould he say (if, and i use the word if) if you ever did manage to get to heaven, well, St Peter will tell you to *UCK OFF, AS YOU BROKE A COMMANDEMENT NOW DID'NT YOU?? "THOU SHALL NOT KILL"?? get your facts right, as its pathetic to read contridicating so called "awnsers". Moron.

magic is more powerful than you seem to believe

dear vexen. i think you website is fantasic, altough i do not think you go into enough detail about greater magic acctually working. i can assure you that 9 out of 10 rituals have the desired effect. and i feel you concentrate on the acting or dogmatic side of it a little too much.

if you wish to discuss this in more detail then feel free to email me. if not, good luck with the website. i believe it is one of the most informative sites out there.

well done!


Matthew J Dean

yes.. hailz!

i do think you are right about most of your beliefs.. can i be a member ?? member of the satanic church ?? email me at hailzZ!

i want to know a ritual. FOR DEATH. YOU HAVE SEVEN DAYS.

yeah, this is how you preform it "pick up a knife, or any other sharp object" (does'nt have to be an object) try jumping off a cliff, ect. Thats the most effective Death Ritual I know. lol. Serious, why? are you either depressed, lonely, jelous? pick one, then try the above, if not to your self , maybe to the person, oh, and may your spirit, be forever damned in this life or the next(s) for commiting an act against Temptus (time), to which all things including Satan have no choice but to bow down too. Contact at me at, for any weird theories like that temptus one, i have a load of deep theories.

Satan must bow down too.

I have come up with an insane but also at the same time, logical theory. Everyperson, god goddess, ect, even Satan, have to bow down and obey this one simple little thing.
"Time", without it, no acts can be carried out, or indeed anything exsist. It makes perfect sense. Funny how things work out in the end, even for Satan. Contact me at for similar ideas, or my site is pretty alright


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