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you keep saying throughout that we are being punished for adam's sin, and that if heaven was so great and God wants us to go there, why don't we just go there.
firstly, it may be because of Adam that sin has entered this world, but on the final judgement day, it is YOUR sins that God will hold you accountable for. He will not say that 'Adam did this; you will pay', He will take your sins and all your wrongdoings against you. Jesus died and spent three days (or two depending how you look at it) in hell so that we may never have to experience that horror. All the sins that we have commited and deserve to suffer eternally for were taken on His back so that we never have to know what hell is like. And yes, God could just take away all the sins of the world and let them into heaven, but that would take away our free will. God is not after robots who are all in heaven becase He wants us to be there. He wants those in heaven who have freely chosen a relationship with Him and have chosen to serve Him out of the freedom granted to them. You can't deny that God is doing things today, miracles are happening, more and more people are coming to God through things happening today. It's not just people reading a book and thinking that's a nice idea. It's a real thing, that is happening today. God is moving in all the nations, no matter what anyone says.
I will keep praying for you. Anyone who has studied the Bible this much should see how great God is, but you have obviously chosen to harden your heart. If you think it's all fake, then you try praying, just a small prayer in your heart, and see what happens. I think you might be surprised.

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