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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Laws, Sins and Rules of Satanism and how to approach legalism in Satanism

Laws, Sins and Rules, and how to approach legalism in Satanism, by Vexen

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Im trying to understand this satanic religion. but it is kinda hard finding stuff online. This religion is very intresting cause it actually makes sense. I was raised in a baptist church and i still dont even understand that religion.... It just doesnt make sense. If u have anything for me. Please email me at

Anton Lavey's Satanism

Anton Lavey may have been the founder of the Church of Satan but wasn't even a real Satanist and was only in it for the money. Satanism is about evil, fuck all this Anton Lavey bullshite, it is useless!!!

Hail Satan \m/

Re: Anton Lavey's Satanism

I really need someone who knows what they are talking about. Could you explain Satanism 4 me?!

i am not going to say anything against what you all believe...just one question where will you go when you die... i know where i am going...Heaven to be with the true God and ruler of everything the one true KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS....JESUS

You silly little boy.

You are very silly, I'm not saying there is or isn't any god, we may never know, but how the fuck do you know where your going if you've never been there before? Don't talk nonsense.

Re: You silly little boy.

its called faith in something ur not sure about dumass damn u an asshole

Re: You silly little boy.

Haha, i agree. no one really knows where there goin gnuless theere dead. which oyu wont know where your going anyways bcuz um...YOUR DEAD.

Re: You silly little boy.

I have the mark.


I am so sorry that you are blinded by all the glitz and glamour that so called christianity has provided for you. If you believe you should walk around the earth as cattle then by all means moo away from here. But your bull headedness and stuburness has closed your mind to what even the bible is telling you. If you were a true christian you would administer "god's" love to us not question and rebuke us. your job is to draw us closer to him and show us his "love" but enough of that bullshit. Wether there is a heaven and hell no one knows for sure but one thing is certain, Our religion gave birth to your religion and ours has been around 10 times longer in writing than yours ever will be.

Life after death

I can asure you as a spirit medium there is no heaven and no hell there is just life in spirit I no it is genuine becouse I have made endless tests on this I have proved it to myself and I can proov it to you.
Occultists no what the real God is just an essential energy, it holds nothing against Satan Satanists or anything else.


I am new to this, and I love it already. I want to know more. Help me, please.

email me

I am new to this. Help me know more. E-mail me at


why is this called satanism if luthafer does not have a role in the religion is he something or is it a fancy name"satanism" coz there's nothing about satan in rules and sins

Re: Why

it is called satanism labled by the religion know as christianity beacause our religion is based on self worship and according to their "god" that is a sin.

i need to know

i need to know all the sins of a saitinist... and anything that i might need to know about this religion before i get baptized, my email is email me with the sins please

sssaattiinn sucks!!

satan sucks


Re: sssaattiinn sucks!!



Death to all u Satanist's, may God visit his wrath upon u roowwrrr.

Re: Satanism

that is not funny and why dont u roar some more u stupid whore


I came across this site while in my searches. As far as opinions go, I feel it is my duty to say something about this. I know that every "religion" has it's own versions but your versions are sick and twisted!!! this is exactly what we try to avoid. you have not only denounced the existence of magic but you have condoned drug usage!!! this is exactly why the majority of people out there think that Satanism is so bad!! Stop taking LaVey's work and making a mockery of it. This is exactly what the catholics, christians, jews, Jehovah's witnesses, ect, have done. they all changed their "religions" to suit their own means creating meaningless war and death in the name of what is "right". None of us claim to be right. We only support "open-mindedness". But stop butchering an already good thing.
If you have any comments to argue or add, you can find me at

You will have to eventually accept drugs improve satanic self exspression make it deeper with more content.
They are a Satanic way forward.
Leveys version of Satanisem is not the Ownly one.
Try the order of the nine angles

thanks for organizing that info - i don't believe in an afterlife or satan or god and angels zeus hera whatever - but if i were to follow a religion i would choose satanism - it's one of the few religions that is not harmful to society


k i understand most of it and it makes sense but why the fuck do u destroy someone if they dont deserve it and what about the devil what is he to u thats the only thing that u dont put in ur websited what's luthefer's role in this


Im new to all this satinism. tell me what this religion has done for you to help you.I dont understand much about it,and it sure has me interested.what happens to you? Im confussed anyone out there have any answers or suggestion to help me understand.

tha night sky

so where do i start hmmm.well hey vexen how it going anyway at night it when i try to go to sleep i can't because i feels like i'm going through it.and this happens every night and i keep hearing these voices in my head they call out to me i think that it's the work of satan .i keep tell my friends but they think i'm crazy .i told them that i'm going to start worshiping satan and they think i'm crazy .so wut is this weird feeling that have every night e-mail me at

The whole weed thing

"Given that drugs are a form of self indulgence; why should a Satanist not take drugs - in particular cannabis which has the least detectable long term effects? Although I don't take drugs myself, there is no dogmatic reason why Satanists should not."

"as long as you are not stupid (the cardinal sin of Satanism), drug use is acceptable. Especially cannabis.... "

Try telling these logical and sensible things to the people at this forum: They'll bite your fuckin' head off! They're freaks that surprisingly won't listen to reason when it comes to pot and other issues. This surprised me coming from the official forum for the Church of Satan. They are VERY uninformed about cannabis! Instead of exploring its benefits as a substance and examining the obvious brainwashing and harm prohibition has foisted on society, they rather just denounce pot and believe all the lies! I think it might just be to cover their asses. They won't even allow a POST about weed! Isn't that ridiculous?! A Magus told me that if a Satanist is caught doing any drug, including marijuana, he/she would be excommunicated! Can you believe that? For indulging in something that grows naturally upon the earth and should never have been illegalized in the first place! I think they have more in common with the Christian Churches than they think. I wonder if the CoS will revoke Marilyn Manson's membership since he openly admits doing SERIOUS drugs, not just pot.
You're a really smart guy, though, Vexen. I hope to see you a Head Magus one day! I know you'd make a very positive difference with your position. :) Also, a warning about that website: people are extremely abrupt, callous, and insolent. They clearly act that way to feel superior to others because they are so concerned about not being worthy of being part of the "elite," which is in the title of the forum. Most have a lot of growing up to do and disgrace the name "Satanist." I’m afraid to even go to a grotto if this is the type of asshole crowd that’s at these things. Meaning there’s no point in me getting a membership in the first place. I’d probably just feel guilty about contributing money to an anti-pot organization.

Re: The whole weed thing

The Church of Satan in my oppinion is trying to keep drug users off its Doorstep so it dose not get tarnished, muddied, soiled or get bad publisity like drug users get. Drug users have been attacked for alongtime by the media who is intent on keeping them as to be seen a wrong doers.
A person I no who works at the Vatican as an Intellegence agent for the Left hand path for one and those who whish to satisfy there evil desires.
He dosent beleave a word of the nonsense the church teaches.
He knows the Vatican is making a all out hidden war on drug users befor many forms of spiritualbeleafs come into public beleaf that rubbish Chistianity.
Drugs should be legal for Adults.

Satanism is against Ignorance

I would like to add that opposite to what is and could simply be; a forum used by government personnel to crack into peoples skulls, I would find it an insult and I also would not consider myself as such. Non-the-less Satan would not take blame nor I in anything. Satanism is not associated with the breeding of Ignorance, although then-again as a Satanist I would not seek to make a mockery of those in or making lives of ignorance nor do I seek for an ever existing Sacrifice, nor do I seek a scape goat nor sacrificial image inside of any person within my world of existence. Although some extreme levels of ignorance that is intended to have force against free living Satanists as myself consider those actions as war. And I do not declare war because Satan makes no wars he is peaceful and sensible, although should a war take place Satan always wins, but those who plan ignorance are by nature self destructive, sacrificial, cults, and above all other things extremely ignorant. Their entire world suffers from their ignorance. You Grow your way and I will Grow mine.

good night


We all want Liberty real Satanic actions set us free, the church tries to stop us beaing Human , even the bible admits people are more drawn to the Satanic than the none existent Christian god.

Inner power Psychic Power

Satanists tend to forget or ignore psychic power mind power and inner power is the ownly thing that makes a magical rituals work black or white. Rituals without inner power have no more influence than what talking to oneself in a surgestive manner, it influences the mind. Its the same as prayer all that is, the same talking to oneself, it has an effect on the indevidual becouse it influeces mind and self to act according to self thought, no god is ever lisserning. Inner power has set ways and methods to develop it, its the same for black magic as for white. Devloping inner power and the psychic magic link is essential for any magic against others.Or for others. Your Mind and self has ownly got the power you develop in it, people who practice magic tend to ignore the reality and there magic will NEVER work.

Laws, Sins, and Rules, and how to appproach legalism in Satanism,

all of this came from vexen,, not just related directly to satanism religion
but also to all christian religion in this world.
i wonder if all people inside shall believe.
that anyone can put to death because of public crucificationed
of accused.. like what happen to jesus christ, of "anno domini"
that can happen, to any one, maybe in a one corner of this world
of earth.. not only in a matter of god belief
in this present thousand "domini". and for the incoming,
more than after this almost three thousand..
it is just a simply acountable "anno domini" about this
Laws,Sins and Rules, legalism, and approach..

Re: Laws, Sins, and Rules, and how to appproach legalism in Satanism,

The Real Spirit in Mankind Never has and never will accept Sin as anything but "AN INVENTION OF THE HUMAN MIND BY CHURCH CRAFT TO INFLUENCE OTHERS BY" thus seeking to control the action of others by power of Surgestion. Which inSkilled hands can affect a persons self Control

Laws, Sins and Rules, and how to approach in satanism

i dont want to tell this is all fuck,
but a matter of fuck,
i am also one as a sinner, and believer,
im tired of this fucking faith,.
this is a faith or reality?

god bless..

yes satanism is intresting and makes very good sence but why risk going to hell when u can go to heaven,id be a satanist if i didnt have the feeling god exsist

blask mass

how to hail this church's this organization strictly for a rich socialism virtue.. you are not a devil worshiper? not a god believer? that is you're virtue reality.. satanic black mass:


This is nonsense ! :) Satan do represent our positive attitudes?Its not fair.. We don't have any goodness by ourseLves its aLL God-given.. Same with Satan He doesn't have good things in His heart for He's a deceiver and as his name stands for, he's a LIAR

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