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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Human Nature

New Human: Sexuality, Life, The Future

Website on subcultures, furry, goth, etc, sexuality, masturbation, sex, poly, the gay scene and misc essays on funerals and self development.

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Dude your website is awesome it has realy helped me out a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

great web page

I stumbled upon your page looking for descriptions of subculture. It's very articulate, very well thought out and very enlightening. congrats.

Truce II HeadRush

You fuckin weirdo!

cock sucking faggot!! get the fuck off the internet....your cluttering it up!


actually by all accounts you (annonymous) responder are the (fucking faggot) you know that 99.98% of fag bashers are fags themselves... give it 1-3 years my friend and you'll be bashed by the so-called friends you hang with now... you don't like gays and lesbians? that's cool, some of us don't like disese infested breeders, but we don't bash your sites.. my suggestion?! you don't like the site? just don't come back... but i know you will, cuz deeep down inside.... you know you really really want it up the ass......

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum... (and btw, i'm a dyke......)

hi... i can't find the "anti-american" page to leave a comment, and i'm not a live journal user, so i'll give you my email addy..

now... i'm an american. i hate president bush. i think he is a closet fag and a cunt. period.. enough said.... but.. i have to admit that sometimes i feel bashed for being an american. earlier on your site i read about a canadian who wanted to "go columbine 'on our asses'" columbine on our asses???!!! he or she is someone i'd like to meet in person, because i was personally affected by columbine and that fact that a canadian.....

wow... so much hatred from someone who obviously is crap. i would love to bash you brits... i'm a dyke who was USED by a stupid brit lesbian (to get into this country... which she later BASHED. funny how that works... i wonder if people don't hate america because they are jeoulous? i personally don't know, i wanted to move to the uk to be with my british lesbian lover, but she insisted on moving HERE to the states, only to BASH america and then get a job here and live without your 40+% income tax) can we talk about freedom? i was really PISSED off to find that your ...YOUR PM blair was such a pussy!!! he didn't have to balls to stand up to our war mongering fucker BUSH... please don't bash us (meaning me as an american) when you (as a brit) obviously had as LITTLE say in this terrorist shit/ war shit as i did. my email is attached (unlike all your pussy annonymous posters/posers) let's have a real dialog... but don't bash america, because all ameriCANS don't support the faciest/fuckers that were elected. just like i'm sure you aren't THRILLED with your mr. PM blair, or the fact that how much of your income goes towards little franky or willy ? what's his name? you know... your little prince, howwy? no, willy?! harry, yes that's it... please don't throw stones when you live in a glass house. actually... you don't live in a glass house. you live in a house that america made, because you see, your govt is so pussified, that you do whatever our govt says you are to do... now THAT yes, THAT!!! is sometning to be pissed about! you see, i was saddened that your govt caved SO deligently to ours... i was saddend, but NOT surprised... so if your gonna bash america, feel free... i (as an american) do it EVERYDAY in public.... but look at your own shit first... your govt is our bitch... and that saddens me that you would hate us soooo much, yet allow your govt to take it up the ass by our fag president.

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