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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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Woo! Working through emails and have whittled my inbox to a mere 17 emails!

Go Vexen Go!

In other news: I finished a book or two too and now have less than 20 books I haven't read yet. They're on Egyptian Wisdom, Shamanism, Celtic Mythology, Buddhism... oh The Satanic Witch by Anton LaVey is still there because I still haven't read all of it. (Although it's very clever and was very advanced pro-Women power in the 70s, I keep disagreeing so much I have to put the book down and take a rest...)

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What sorts of things stuck in your craw about TSW?

Sex, sentiment and wonder... although the classifications are useful summaries, something about them gets at me. I find myself not really being objective or productive when reading TSW, and instead end up counterproductively finding niggly small things to disagree with. Not sure why, for the most part.

Text like "[Of women] The greatest powers you can employ as a witch are totally dependent upon your own self realisation that in being a woman you are different from a man that very difference must be exploited" [LaVey, The Satanic Witch, ch 1 last paragraph]

is fantastic and I couldn't agree more.

Then there's the "On Prostitutes and Pentagrams" sub heading in chapter 5, starting with the words "Some of the best witches are prostitutes". The chapter doesn't qualify this in many other ways than describing the types of clothing LaVey finds most effective. Which is fine, because men are definately visual animals, but there's something irksome or (more likely) something plainly "different" about the way LaVey and I think about women!

I find his personal likes and some of his vague fetishistic (sp?) tastes lie beneath a lot of the things he writes about or says. A disproportionate amount of text on certain particular things!

Partially I think it's due to the book being written within 70s American culture... before a lot of what he wrote became generally accepted truth. American language seems to deviate from English when it comes to women and relations more than in other areas. Words like "panties"! Differences of time and style are throwing me off.

Anyway that's enough... let me know if I managed to make any sense this lunchtime!

Unfortunately I found that most of his book seemed to come down to "I get turned on by sexy women who pee their panties, so that's what you girls should do because I can't imagine it not turning all other men on too."

To be quite honest, I think the book revealed more about LaVey's own sexual preferences and fetishes than it did about being a Satanic Witch. Sure, there are a few nice points - but the good stuff only comes down to a touch of street psychology and women's tricks that most of us pick up from our magazines and mothers anyway.

Out of interest...have you ever seen just how appallingly LaVey's wife and daughter dress and look? "Streetwalker" springs to mind. LaVey seemed to like his women looking like street trash....

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