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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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u saying matthew was a fraud

ok ur completley right about joesph not contributing to the lineage but in fact it was a virgin birth. if not then jesus would have been born in sin. and wouldnt have died for our sins. the thing ur not seeing is the fact that mary have lineage to king david as well. if u look at it closely. we find in luke that he shows marys lineage. this is great and dandy because it shows that this is of king davids descent. but the argument comes up what about womens rights. in deut. it says that rights pass through the men. soo the rights of unblemished blood cant flow to jesus through her. however theres another loopwhole. in numbers a man by the name of Zelophehad. he had all daughters and no sons. when he died the daughters went to mosses and mosses said that they would lose all inheritance. they thought this wasnt fair. so mosses prayed to God and he said to him that and acception can be made only if there are no sons, and they marry within in the tribe. in marys case we find that she had no brothers soo the inheritance went to her and she married within the same tribe. (joeseph was also of davids descent). therefore matthew was right that it was a virgin birth

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