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Do you have to see it to believe it?

Why has no one mentioned the influence of Satan/Devil? Has it not occurred to those who are against this mythical godman, Jesus, that the reason why many people are so opposed to entertaining any idea of his existence is that it might be due to forces against good, which drive the thoughts of man? Would it harm you to consider such a concept without implying any intervention by what many might perceive as relating to black magic or the like?
I'm guessing that many of you are aethists, all those who don't believe in the existence of a Christ? What then, do you believe? If you choose to believe in the teachings of 'primitive' or supposedly well-founded doctrines that predate Christianity as you know it, what have you got out of it? Do you value the teachings of non-Christian religions over Christian religions even though you admit such similarities between their ideas? Why not disprove the existence of Mithra and Krishna rather than that of Jesus?
Do you view always view GOD as an 'it'- a supernatural being that is unknowable? Perhaps you choose to do so because the concept of personifying a higher being associated to the Christian faith is a concept that is somewhat unsettling or beyond the realm of your understanding. Has it ever occurred to you the existence and power of God over Jesus Christ? For added information for all those who didn't know, this supposedly unknowable God has a name- Jehovah. Does this still make God an 'it'?
I appreciate reading all your arguments and it's an experience to get such an insight into the opinions of people (not all of you) whose beliefs are so different to my own.

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