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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Jesus did not exist

"Jesus Did Not Exist" by Vexen Crabtree

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Re: I thought you might like to know more of the specifics...

Other things you've quoted on, from eclipses to other Jewish figures, are nothing to do with Jesus. Even if there was an eclipse reported in a Christian document and by another author, it simply means there was an eclipse. Maybe even an unnatural one!

But an unnatural eclipse is just as much proof for Satanism, Paganism, Mithraism, Zoroastrianism... as it is for Jesus!


"It was also typical to assimilate eclipses to major historic events, even when they did not originally correspond, or to invent eclipses for this purpose (Préaux claims to have counted 200 examples in extant literature; Boeuffle and Newton have also remarked on this tendency). The gospel stories also make a solar eclipse impossible: the crucifixion passover happened during a full moon, and the darkness supposedly lasted three hours (indeed, Julius Africanus claimed it covered the whole world). Such an impossible event would not fail to be recorded in the works of Seneca, Pliny, Josephus or other historians, yet it is not mentioned anywhere else outside of Christian rhetoric, so we can entirely dismiss the idea of this being a real event.
We know next to nothing about Thallus or his works. We don't even know if he wrote only one book or several. The only information we have about him, even his name, comes entirely from Christian apologetic sources beginning in the late 2nd century, and that information is plagued with problems. Scholars since the 18th century have even invented facts about him, and some of these groundless notions--like the idea that he was a Samaritan--are repeated even today."

Etc. As far as sources go, this one could be proof for anything, but is probably only proof of Christian mythmaking.

Re: I thought you might like to know more of the specifics...

The mere fact that you have devoted this much time and effort to trying to debunk Christianity and the existence of Christ is all the proof you need. If it weren't true, why be so passionate about destroying the faith? Why not Budhism, Islam or Hinduism? Why? Because you no doubt are aware that there is a God and your own struggle within makes you want to find the truth.

Let me make one small observation - You are very good at debunking any facts Christians use, however, you give very little, if any serious background to any of your so-called 'facts'.

If you choose to walk this path, it is your right, but the fact that you are trying so hard to convince others is the proof that you don't even believe it yourself.

Would love to see a bibliography of your 'facts' compared to the Bible. I'm quite certain yours would have many more holes in it.

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