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Re: Jesus H Christ

Vexen... this is Dean (we used to debate on Logic and God a few years back.) What I have found most interesting about your thoughts, and the reason why I cannot take you seriously, is that you smash EVERYTHING that has a hint of religiosity and you cannot fathom that ANY of Christianity, or any other religion, has a hint of truth. It simply seems that your bias against religion has infected your reason. I know this hits home, because this is what you accuse Christians of all the time!
Here is the fact of the matter: Very few, if any, secular historians (who have a ph.d. in their field of study) see the 1st and 2nd century writings about Jesus as fraudulent (I will give you the Josephus quote, but he did have another quote about Christians that is not tainted) or view them as inadequate proof that a man named Jesus existed who had disciples, many followers, was crucified by Pontius Pilate, and whose disciples believed that he rose from the dead.
Honestly, in order to show that you are a reasonable person, I would reconsider your position on the existence of Jesus. No non-Christian historian would agree with you. They have no reason to believe that he existed! (besides the evidence) But because of your irrational bias, it has clouded your reason.

Re: Jesus H Christ

Will you not dignify the last blog with your own response...?

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