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Re: Jesus did not exist

Friend , there are several Roman and Greek and surprisingly Jewish historical documents relating to Jesus. Even Jewish and Roman historical manuscripts document the crucifixion, Remember the Jewish people are the last people on the planet who would believe in God descending onto the world in human incarnation let alone offering himself as a sacrifice for our sins.Infact the Jews and the Romans wanted christianity stamped out because it posed a treath to their civilsations and they were concerned about how fast it was growing. Yet Paul (who was a Jewish high priest who actively persued Christians to put them to death) believed after he witnessed the resurrected Jesus on the road to Damascus. Explain how the entire Pagan Greek and Roman empire converted to christianity who were advanced civilisations and highly intelligent for the times. Listen,I grew up in a strict catholic family, had a brief time with the Mormon church and later converted to Buddhism, but it wasn't until several years ago that a close friend introduced me to the true christian faith that I started to fully understand who Jesus was, so believe me I honestly Respect everyone’s opinion regarding their spiritual (or lack of spiritual) beliefs because i've been there, and I admit the actions of many Christians today, infact entire churches would push people away from Christianity but I appeal to you,not to judge christianity based on the lives and actions of the many people who claim to follow him just by name(even though many of them are good people) because we are all flawed, but instead I would ask you to Look the teachings of Jesus youself and at least consider what he tells us and consider that he is the one man who lived the life and for that matter died the death we should.
Hope this helps

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