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erroneous "facts"

Most of your arguments are totally erroneous - here's a starting page with many links to facts about the historical Jesus - the evidence for His life, death and resurrection far outweighs the lack of evidence and the lies against.

Re: erroneous "facts"

Always remember, this universe should not exist nor does it have a reason to. The fact that it does itself is a miracle. Therefore to doubt the existence of Jesus is worthless. The reason, the jewish torah is already a proven fact. The Jewish people are serious and no the consequences of sin better than ANYONE on this planet. Therefore no Jesus means no forgivenss for anything. That means HELL or DESTRUCTION for everyone. How stupid/dumb can a mind be that doesn't understand its own conscious which knows what is right and wrong. (offcourse most killers have knocked unconscious the conscious mind so that it doesn't feel bad when killing someone.)

Therefore I say to all Atheiest, HAVE FUN for it won't last. A temporary mind deserves temporary blessings.

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