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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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1. Jesus didn't create Christianity, his followers did. All the stories, parables and ideas in Christianity already existed in the two most prominent parent cultures, Judaism and Mithraism (and in Roman paganism in general). Jesus was simply a new name used to mix together some existing ideas; this name-change is something that occurred frequently in antiquity, although today we find it abhorrent. Tell me, if you think Jesus invented Christianity, do you care to tell us what exactly he made up that wasn't copied from slightly older beliefs and religions already existing in Judea?

2. He didn't have enormous support; Roman historians debate at length the pros and cons of various groups and troublemakers, and compared to most movements Christianity was so small it was only mentioned by a few people, later on that you'd expect from a movement with 'enormous support'.

3. The Romans did not catalogue the crucifiction of Jesus, although they did catalogue everyone else. It is almost as if Jesus wasn't actually crucified.

4. You say "many people believed in him", but, I think it is more likely that many believed believed in stories about him and passed those stories on. The stories were all already familiar.

In other words, everything is astrotheological solar myth.

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