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Re: Jesus did not exist

dude are you serious?! there are over 25,000 manuscripts for the NT ALONE! i think that is more than enough to compare and contrast what is right and what is wrong. that makes it trustworthy. secondly, the earliest text tells of the life of Jesus, and doesnt treat him like a fictional character. thirdly, when Jesus was born, he was born into a very wealthy or aristocratic family at that time, so they probably didn't record every little thing because they didn't think he was very important at that point in time. as for his death, Jewish leaders didn't even want people thinking about Jesus, so I'd doubt they'd record that. I'd highly recommend the book Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. Lee was a former atheist and this book tells of his journey and research about Jesus.

Re: Jesus did not exist

(1) None of those NT documents were written within the same generation as Jesus lived and vast majority are hundreds of years later. Only St Paul's writing are close to the original dates, and he is a person who never himself met Jesus except for in a vision! The evidence is not trustworthy at all.

(2) Give example early texts that talk about the life of Jesus, please.

(3) The vast majority of records are to do with the well-off; the richer the family, the more likely there are to be written records. 95% of all the illiterate and poor, thousands of years ago, are completely lost to hsitory.

(4) Jewish leaders didn't mention Jesus-the-Messiah (Jesus was otherwise a common name like "Simon" or "Dave" today). Neither did Jewish historians of the time; Josephus. Your idea about Jewish leaders result from texts written about them by Christians, much, much later.

(5) Lee Strobel is an absolutely terrible source of information, especialy on history (and science) - he's a fundamentalist, creationist, anti-science, anti-history, prolific preacher whose interest is in promoting his religion, not in discovering truth.

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