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Re: Jesus did not exist

Actually, if you put aside your religious (or non-religious) beliefs for a second and think outside the box, and imagine that you are this Creator who wants to create ONE planet with living things on it, and create things on it that are in your likeness would you not want to see how it all played out? Thinking along the lines of a story writer who hands over his script to a trustworthy director (in this case the LORD himself is the creator), wouldn't it be interesting to see how all the pieces fit together, and would it not hurt to see things collide? Wouldn't it hurt to see all of these ignorant things battling with one another and tearing up this beautiful planet that you created? Would you not want to place into existence this thing, through you, that could somehow change the course of the show? What if you had to put away this show after awhile, but you did not want to keep all but the very best pieces. If these things that were in your likeness were the ones creating havoc would you not also want a way for these things to decide their own destiny? I don't know about you, but if I were the Creator running this show I'd want to be as removed from it as possible and just let things play out, only intervening when necessary to assure that the outcome is a positive one.

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